Why Can’t I Like Videos on Tiktok?

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This article answers the most asked question why you Can’t I like Videos on TikTok

We can all agree that TikTok has become a massively popular short video platform, and that we are all addicted to scrolling through and double-tapping on the videos.

Many users, however, have reported encountering an error when playing or loading TikTok videos.

Many  issues cause TikTok to slow down and interfere with its normal operation.

This article will answer the question of why you can’t like videos on Tiktok.

Why Can’t I like Videos on Tiktok

1. Account is Private

If the account is private, the video download option for a TikTok video is inaccessible, equivalent to how creators disable video download. The download option is greyed out for all videos on a TikTok private account.

2. You’re liking or following posts or accounts far too quickly

If you scroll through and like or comment on various videos in a short period of time, the TikTok algorithm may flag your account. You will be unable to like any videos for the next 24 hours or more if you are flagged.

3. Creators have disabled video download

When you disable the download feature, the “Save video” option becomes greyed out. TikTok allows creators to enable or disable video downloads in the Settings section.

4. Account is private

The most common reason why “why does tiktok not let me like videos” occurs is that the account is private.

You will be unable to like the video if it is set to “friends only.” Private accounts require permission to follow; users can also unfollow followers.

5.Wi-Fi connection issues

TikTok may not function properly due to internet or network issues on your end. Such errors can occur as a result of a long internet connection and weak signals.

If this occurs, you should troubleshoot your network connection.

6. TikTok Server Is Down

TikTok videos occasionally fail to play due to technical issues with the app.

TikTok isn’t loading videos or data because of junk data and caches in the app.


I hope I have answered your question of why you can’t like videos on Tiktok and the most common reasons why TikTok won’t let you like videos on the platform.