Why am I losing a lot of friends on Facebook?

why am i losing a lot of friends on facebook
Why am I losing a lot of friends on Facebook?

Social media has become a huge part of our digital lives. Many studies have concluded that many people are spending many hours on social media doing various things. 

Some use Facebook to connect with friends, while others use it to reach their customers and engage with them. 

In fact, almost all companies have social media profiles nowadays to build and grow their brand identity. 

Most of the time, you could be asking yourself questions like, “Does Facebook delete friends?” or “Why am I losing friends on Facebook?” or “Facebook deletes friends”, well, don’t be worried since this article will explain why all this could be happening.

Lack of engagement

Social media is all about maintaining relationships. Unless you are a celebrity, you must maintain a relationship with your Facebook friends. 

If you are just friends with someone on Facebook with no engagements, they could decide to unfollow you one day. 

The more friends decide to unfollow/unfriend you, the more your followers reduce. 

So you must make an effort to be active, engage, like and create relationships with your Facebook friends to avoid losing them. 

You overshare

There is social media etiquette and it is not written down. Nobody cares where you travel to, your vacation or what you are eating.

 Sometimes oversharing and broadcasting your life may not be good and could in fact lead to friends unfriending or unfollowing you on Facebook

Striking a balance and only posting material that is pertinent, suitable, and beneficial to your connections on the platform are keys to avoiding oversharing.

Controversial opinions 

Sometimes, having controversial opinions could make people unfollow you. Things like controversial political beliefs, controversial social issues, or controversial thoughts can lead people to unfriend you or cause you to lose many followers. 

There have been cases where people were unfollowed massively over controversial issues, for instance, a stance against a gender group, a certain political faction, or a target group. 

Controversial political views 

People generally seek out information that supports their preconceptions. They don’t use Facebook to view content that challenges their worldviews. 

If you consistently criticize members of a particular political party in your posts, you aren’t making anyone else see reason; instead, you are dividing yourself to the point where friendships are gone.

Marketing Spamming

You do a lot of marketing and spam your friends’ timelines. 

By the way, many people have been complaining about a lot of ads on social media platforms and looking for ways to control the ads. 

Marketing and spamming your followers reduces the quality of the social media conversation hence making people hit the unfollow/unfriend button. 

To avoid spamming, at least ensure you balance between good engaging posts and your marketing content. 

Does Facebook delete friends? 

Facebook doesn’t do that, in fact. (knowingly).

 There is always a chance that it’s a bug, but that is extremely rare and the likelihood that your acquaintances have unfriended you is extremely high (like 99.9%). 

If you are unable to find them on Facebook at all, they may have deleted their account or banned you completely.