Where is Frosty firs in Fortnite

Where is Frosty firs in Fortnite
There have been several challenges in Fortnite that require players to travel to Frosty Firs, but the location is frustratingly not marked on the map

Fortnite has several locations scattered throughout the world that may not offer great loot, but can provide excellent vantage points.

Frosty Firs is a prime example of such a place that is available in the latest Season 4.

In this guide, we will assist you in locating it. So without further ado, let’s begin our search.

Where is frosty firs in Fortnite?

To reach this location, you will need to venture into the winter snowy biome situated in the far north.

Once you arrive, head towards the direct center of the area, as depicted in the picture above.

You will need to travel a short distance away from the Brutal Bastion located on the east side of the biome.

Upon arrival, you will find yourself on a vast frozen lake with a small hill featuring a couple of buildings atop it.

These buildings are known as the Frosty Firs and offer excellent loot. Moreover, since there’s no traffic in the area, it is considered a safe place to explore.

In the event that you come across another player in this area, it’s essential to be prepared for close-quarters combat as there are numerous small structures around.

It is recommended that you search the small houses thoroughly, but don’t forget to check the nearby hillsides for any snipers who may be camping out.

And that is all there is to do.


We trust that this guide has provided you with the necessary steps to locate this petite spot.

You can now enjoy the process of finding it on your own.