What does piercing do in Minecraft

What does piercing do in Minecraft
Unleash the Power of Piercing in Minecraft: Learn how to optimize your gameplay and gain an edge in battles

One key aspect of Minecraft’s gameplay is its vast array of enchantments that players can apply to their weapons and armor to gain an edge in combat.

Among these enchantments is “Piercing,” a powerful yet often overlooked ability that can significantly enhance a player’s arsenal.

What does piercing do in Minecraft?

Simply put, piercing is an enchantment that allows players to penetrate multiple targets with a single shot from their crossbow.

It’s like having a magic bullet that can pierce through multiple enemies in a single shot, making it a game-changer in battles against hordes of hostile mobs or even other players in multiplayer mode.

To unlock the full potential of piercing, players need to apply it to their crossbow using an enchantment table, anvil, or grindstone.

The higher the level of enchantment, the more powerful the piercing effect.

At its lowest level, piercing allows a crossbow to pierce through two targets, while at its highest level, it can penetrate up to five targets with one shot.

This makes piercing a formidable enchantment for players who are looking to optimize their combat strategy and maximize their damage output.

Advantages of piercing in Minecraft

1. Versatility

One of the greatest advantages of piercing is its versatility.

Players can use it in a variety of situations to gain an upper hand.

For example, when facing a swarm of hostile mobs, a single shot with piercing can take out multiple enemies at once, saving precious time and resources.

In player-versus-player (PvP) battles, piercing can catch opponents off guard, especially in close-quarter combat, where multiple enemies are in close proximity.

It can be a game-changer in intense PvP battles, allowing players to swiftly dispatch multiple foes with a single shot.

2. Synergy with other enchantments

Another noteworthy aspect of piercing is its synergy with other enchantments.

Minecraft allows players to combine different enchantments on their weapons and armor to create powerful synergies.

For example, combining piercing with the “Multishot” enchantment, which allows a crossbow to shoot multiple arrows at once, can lead to devastating results.

The combination of piercing and multishot can turn a single crossbow shot into a deadly spray of arrows that can pierce through multiple targets, decimating entire groups of enemies in a single volley.

It’s also worth noting that piercing can be particularly effective against certain types of mobs that have high health or armor.

For example, piercing can bypass the armor of heavily armored mobs like zombies or skeletons, allowing players to deal more damage with each shot. This can be a game-changer in tough battles where every bit of damage counts.

However, like all enchantments in Minecraft, piercing also has its limitations.

One of the main drawbacks is that it only works with crossbows, which means that players who prefer other ranged weapons like bows or tridents won’t be able to take advantage of piercing.

Additionally, piercing has limited effectiveness against mobs or players that are spread out, as the enchantment requires multiple targets to be within the line of fire of a single shot to achieve its full potential.

Minecraft Multishot vs Piercing

In Minecraft, Multishot and Piercing are two different enchantments that can be applied to a crossbow.

Multishot is an enchantment that allows a crossbow to fire three arrows at once in a spread pattern.

This can be useful for dealing with multiple enemies at once, but it uses three times as many arrows as a regular shot.

Piercing is an enchantment that allows arrows fired from a crossbow to pass through multiple targets.

The higher the level of the Piercing enchantment, the more targets the arrow can pass through.

This can be useful for dealing with groups of enemies, especially if they are lined up.

Multishot is better for dealing with multiple enemies at once, while Piercing is better for dealing with groups of enemies that are lined up.


In the vast world of Minecraft, where danger lurks around every corner, having the ability to pierce through multiple foes with a single shot can be a game-changing advantage.

The versatility, synergy with other enchantments, and potential to bypass armor make piercing a formidable tool in the hands of a skilled player.

So, embrace the power of piercing, hone your combat skills, and dominate your enemies with precision and efficiency.

With piercing in your arsenal, you will be well-equipped to tackle any challenge that comes your way in the immersive and thrilling world of Minecraft.

Get ready to level up your gameplay and embark on epic adventures like never before.