What does NFS mean on Instagram?

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Confused about what NFS means on Instagram? You are not alone.

Instagram, a photo and video sharing social networking service owned by Mark Zuckerberg’s company “Meta,” offers something for everyone; whether you are into fashion, food, or fitness.

The platform has full-time influencers, businesses communicating with customers, and regular users discussing and sharing details of their personal lives.

With such a wide range of information available, it is normal to come across words on Instagram that you don’t fully comprehend.

What does NFS mean on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Facebook?

To save time and space, acronyms and abbreviations have become increasingly popular not only on Instagram but also on other social media platforms.

However, because almost any statement can be shortened to a few letters, understanding what everyone is trying to say can prove to be quite difficult.

In this article, you will learn the various meaning of “NFS” on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Facebook so that you are prepared the next time you come across this abbreviation.

Depending on the context, NFS can mean different things.

So, let us review the most common meanings of NFS and where you are likely to see them.

That way, you will have a good understanding of how NFS works.

1. Not For Sale

For Instagram users in the food industry, the most common use of NFS is to indicate something is “Not for sale.”

This can be used in a hashtag, such as #nfs, or included within the caption or comment of a post.

It is used to inform followers that the item or items featured in the post are not for sale or trade.

For example, a food enthusiast or blogger might share content for artistic purposes rather than selling it to prospective customers.

It can also be used when someone receives a gift and wants to make sure no one thinks they bought it or intend to sell it.

2. No Filter Sunday

Another NFS meaning is “No filter Sunday,” which is a popular hashtag used by Instagram users who choose to post pictures without filters on Sundays.

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and TikTok are some other media-sharing apps where this is also prevalent.

The image that goes with the hashtag is typically the one that has not been edited or altered with filters that are commonly used these days.

The origin of #NFS (No Filter Sunday) on Instagram

This movement was started by bloggers who wanted to show what their images look like naturally instead of using multiple filters and edits.

Users participate in this trend by sharing a photo that they took with their phone camera which must accurately capture their actual, unadulterated self in the most natural way possible.

3. No Filter Squad

Another meaning of NFS on Instagram is “No Filter Squad.” This is popular among famous influencers who form groups to encourage others to join them and participate in various activities related to their accounts or brand.

Sometimes they take pictures together when working on marketing campaigns.

By joining forces with fellow influencers, they hope to draw even more attention from their followers and create unfiltered content for their target audience.

4. No Followers Syndrome

Some Instagram, TikTok and Facebook users are so focused on increasing their following that they forget to actually enjoy their time on the apps. The hashtags “#nofollowerssyndrome” and “#NFS” denote that a person no longer focuses on his follower count and just posts on Instagram for fun.

5. Not For Sure

This is the meaning of NFS in its third sense. It can be used as an alternative to “I don’t know” or “I’m sure” in this situation.

People may use this expression, for instance, if they are answering a question but lack all the necessary information or are unsure of their response.

6. No Funny Stuff

“No Funny Stuff” is the second most popular NFS usage on Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. It also goes by the name “No Funny Sh**” at times.

In essence, it sends the message that you don’t want to be teased or inconvenienced by someone playing games with you.

The phrase may be used sarcastically meaning that you want someone to be forthright and truthful with you and be open about it.

The acronym is also popular among Gen Z users. They use it to clarify that they are not interested in being pursued for hookups or dating through DMs.

7. Not For Sharing

There is also the less-common usage of NFS, meaning “Not For Sharing.

This could imply that the image with the tag should not be made public since it contains private information (such as contact details).

Alternately, it can imply that what is shared on Instagram should only be seen by those who are directly involved and not by anyone else, especially if it contains sensitive material that should be kept between the parties involved.

8. Nice F**king Shot

This one might show up in the comments section of a particularly good shot. It is a way of complimenting someone on their photographic abilities.

9. New Friends

NFS may be used to describe someone as being a new friend.

For example, “Peter and I are NFS on Instagram.’

Admittedly, this one is uncommon, and you don’t see it very often.

10. Not Feeling Sober

Another meaning of the NFS acronym that is commonly used on Instagram and among teenagers is when someone has consumed an excessive amount of alcoholic beverages and is no longer feeling sober.

11. Not Feeling Social

This is a great way to express that you don’t want to talk to or be near other people. If you see someone using this abbreviation, you should ignore them.


Overall, the acronym NFS has many potential other meanings when used on Instagram, some more common than others, but determining which one applies depends on the context of each post or comment.