What do bats eat in Minecraft?

What do bats eat in Minecraft?
Minecraft bats are passive flying mobs that spawn in dark areas underground, most commonly in caves

For Minecraft enthusiasts, the eating habits of bats is a topic of curiosity.

In reality, bats consume insects, fruit, and even blood.

However, in Minecraft, bats are purely decorative and do not offer any practical benefits to players.

They are simply there to enhance the ambiance of specific biomes, such as caves and abandoned mineshafts.

Although it may be disappointing to discover that Minecraft bats lack any significance to gameplay, they do showcase the game’s diverse range of creatures and environments.

In the future, Minecraft developers may assign a more meaningful role to bats in the game.

For now, players can appreciate the peaceful sounds of bats chirping in the game’s mysterious and dark caves, enhancing the immersive experience of exploring Minecraft’s vast and intricate world.

Nevertheless, Minecraft mods can expand the game beyond its original limits set by developers, and it’s not surprising to find mods that allow players to tame bats.

How to tame bats in Minecraft

In this section, we will discuss the various modifications available that enable you to domesticate a bat in Minecraft.

1. Pet Bat Mod

The Pet Bat mod, developed by AtomicStryker, is a Minecraft Forge mod that allows players to tame a bat.

This is accomplished by feeding the bat pumpkin pie, which enables the bat to be tamed and named like other tamed creatures. Once tamed, the bat will hover and follow the player around.

In addition to being a faithful companions, tamed bats possess useful abilities.

For instance, they can engage in combat against hostile mobs that attack either the player or the bat.

The mod also features a six-tier leveling system that allows the bat to become progressively stronger.

Holding a tamed bat will also grant the player night vision.

At level 3, tamed bats acquire a lifesteal ability, and at level 6, they gain a shining effect similar to enchanted items, reflecting their maximum power.

If the bat is defeated in battle, it will return to the player’s inventory, gravely injured and unable to be deployed until it is “fed” with a pumpkin pie.

While the Pet Bat mod was last updated to version 1.14 and is available on Curse, it may not be compatible with the latest versions of Minecraft.

As such, players may want to consider alternative mods if they wish to play on more recent versions of the game.

2. Companion Bats Mod

The Companion Bats mod, created by fulmineo64, was inspired by the Pet Bat mod.

However, this mod includes additional mechanics that distinguish it from its predecessor.

In this mod, players can tame bats and receive a flute to recall them to their inventory.

Bats can also equip armor and accessories, which grant them unique skills and class effects that level up independently and alter their appearance.

Tamed bats can also carry a bundle to pick up and store items found on the ground.

The Companion Bats mod is primarily available on Fabric, with a Forge version being released after the Fabric version.

If interested, you can find these mods at this provided link.

3. BatPlus Mod

The “BatsPlus” mod is a popular addition that introduces a variety of new features to bats in the game.

Among these features is the ability to tame and breed bats, as well as new drops and behaviors that enhance gameplay.

With this mod installed, players can tame bats and use bat milk to create new potions, collect bat guano that can be used as a fertilizer for crops, and even ride on the backs of tamed bats.

These additions expand upon the basic mechanics of bats in the game and offer new opportunities for players to explore and enjoy.

4. Better Bats Mod

The “Better Bats” mod is another popular addition that enhances the functionality of bats in the game.

This mod significantly improves the AI of bats, making them more useful for players.

With this mod installed, bats will proactively seek out and attack nearby insects, which is a beneficial pest control service.

Additionally, the mod introduces new bat-themed items and blocks, such as bat wings that can be used for crafting and bat roosts that can be utilized to attract and house wild bats.

These new features not only make bats more useful but also add a new level of immersion and depth to the game.

With the “Better Bats” mod, players can enjoy a more dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

5. Biomes O’ Plenty & Thaumcraft

“Biomes O’ Plenty” and “Thaumcraft” are two examples of mods that introduce new features and abilities to bats.

With “Biomes O’ Plenty,” new biomes are added to the game, providing players with new environments to explore and discover bats in.

These biomes can range from lush forests to barren deserts and everything in between.

In “Thaumcraft,” bats are given magical abilities that enable them to perform new tasks, such as detecting nearby magical nodes or collecting mystical energy from the environment.

By utilizing these mods, players can enhance their gameplay experience and make better use of bats within the game.

While Minecraft may not offer much functionality for bats, the availability of mods provides players with a range of new possibilities and opportunities.

What is the use of bats in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, bats serve a specific crafting purpose. When killed, bats drop a valuable item known as bat wings, which can be used to create potions of slow falling.

These potions are highly advantageous in the game as they permit players to glide safely down from high places and avoid fall damage.

To make a potion of slow falling using bat wings, players will require a brewing stand, blaze powder, and an awkward potion as the base.

Once the potion is ready, players can consume it or use it to create a tipped arrow that has the same effect.

As bat wings are scarce, players may need to eliminate several bats to gather enough for brewing.

While bats can be useful for detecting nearby mobs and obstacles, they should not be killed unnecessarily.

It’s important to consider the advantages of potions of slow falling against the value of keeping bats alive for their helpful abilities.

How to attract bats in Minecraft

Bats can be found naturally spawning in various dimly lit places in Minecraft, such as caves and mineshafts. However, if you wish to attract bats to a specific location, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, ensure that the area is dark enough, as bats are naturally drawn to dark environments. You can accomplish this by obstructing any light sources, such as torches or sunlight, with blocks or other materials.

Secondly, create a suitable habitat for the bats. They prefer areas with high ceilings and plenty of space to fly around, so consider building a cave or other structure that offers these features. You can also use blocks like cobblestone or mossy cobblestone to create a rough and natural-looking environment that will appeal to them.

It’s important to be patient, as bats are rare spawns in Minecraft, and it may take some time for them to appear in your desired location. Make sure to periodically check back and avoid disturbing the area too much by constantly entering and exiting.

It’s worth noting that while bats can be helpful in detecting nearby mobs and obstacles in Minecraft, they should be treated with care and respect as peaceful creatures. It’s best to avoid harming or killing them unless absolutely necessary, as they play an important role in the game’s ecosystem.


Minecraft’s portrayal of bats may not have been satisfactory to many bat enthusiasts in the player community.

However, independent game developers who share a deep affection for the game and these unique creatures have found ways to expand their significance beyond mere “atmospheric mobs.”

Rather than being a bothersome nuisance that constantly disturbs players’ exploration of caves, bats can now become valuable allies and companions, accompanying players on their journeys and evolving alongside them