How to Turn Off Voice Instructions on Your Samsung TV?

Ever felt annoyed by the voice on your Samsung TV that just won’t stop talking?

I know the feeling because I have been there too.

Imagine trying to enjoy your favorite show, and suddenly there’s a voice describing every move on the screen.

It’s like having someone talk too much in your living room. But don’t worry, I will tell you how to make it stop.

An image illustration on How to Turn Off Voice Instructions on Your Samsung TV
How to Turn Off Voice Instructions on Your Samsung TV.

The Quick Fix

First thing, let’s get straight to the point.

To turn off the voice instructions, also known as the Voice Guide, you can simply press and hold the volume button on your remote.

This should bring up the Accessibility settings where you can toggle the Voice Guide off. Easy, right?

How to Turn Off Voice Instructions on Your Samsung TV

If the quick fix doesn’t cut it, dive into the settings. Here are the steps on how to do it:

  1. Press the Home button on your remote.
  2. Navigate to Menu > Settings > All Settings > General & Privacy > Accessibility > Voice Guide Settings.
  3. Select Voice Guide and switch it to off.

How to Disable Voice Guide using Voice Commands

Do you have a remote with a microphone button?

Use it to your advantage.

Hold down the mic button and command your TV to “Turn off Voice Guide.”

Release the button and there it is, peace at last.

Why Even Have Voice Instructions?

Now, let’s chat about why this feature exists in the first place.

The Voice Guide is designed for the visually impaired, making TVs more accessible by reading out text and menu options.

It’s a fantastic tool for those who need it, but for the rest of us, it can be a bit much.


The language setting is beneficial, even if you’re not visually impaired, improving navigation, especially from a distance.

Disabling it might be challenging in the settings menu, but our guide with visuals makes it a quick task.

If you prefer a silent TV experience, remember to disable TalkBack, a feature similar to voice, used for various TV functions.

Toggling these features doesn’t require a TV restart and only takes a few seconds, allowing you to do it anytime.

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