How to Fix “Session Expired” on Facebook

Are you encountering a “Session Expired” issue while using Facebook?

The accompanying message reads, “Please log in again.” This error typically occurs when you’ve logged out of Facebook across all your devices, affecting both Android and iOS platforms.

This guide will assist you in resolving the “Session Expired. Please log in again” login error on Facebook for Android and iOS, providing step-by-step solutions.

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Resolve ‘Session Expired on Facebook’ quickly with our guide. Learn effective solutions for Android and iOS. Don’t let login errors hold you back!

Why does Facebook keep saying that my session has expired?

Facebook indicates that your session has expired either due to a recent logout from all your account devices or potential issues such as Facebook being temporarily inaccessible or encountering a bug/glitch.

To determine if the app is experiencing downtime, you can visit

If there are service disruptions, it indicates that Facebook is currently down.

In such cases, your best course of action is to wait until the servers are restored.

How to fix “Session Expired” on Facebook

To resolve the “Session Expired” issue on Facebook, consider clearing the application’s cache or force closing and reopening it.

Additionally, experimenting with solutions like installing an earlier version of Facebook, updating the app, or uninstalling and reinstalling it may prove effective.

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1. Clear Facebook’s cache

For Android devices: Close Facebook forcefully, go to the Settings app, navigate to Apps, select Facebook, access Storage, and then clear both cache and data. Afterward, reopen Facebook.

For iOS devices: In the Settings app, choose General, then go to iPhone Storage and locate Facebook. Opt to offload the app and subsequently reinstall it.

2. Force exit and reopen Facebook

For Android devices: Access the Settings app, choose either Apps or Apps & Notifications, select Facebook, and then opt for Force Stop or Force Close. Confirm with OK.

For iOS devices: Swipe up from the bottom of your screen, release in the center of the screen, scroll to the Facebook card, swipe up to forcefully close it, and then reopen Facebook.

3. Install an older version of Facebook

  • Uninstall the Facebook application.
  • Visit
  • Choose “Older versions.”
  • Install a previous version of Facebook.
  • Launch the app and sign in to your Facebook account.

4. Update Facebook to the latest version

For Android users: Access the Google Play Store, search for “Facebook,” open the app, and proceed with the update.

For iOS users: Navigate to the App Store, search for “Facebook,” open the app, and initiate the update.

5. Wait for a few hours

Verify Facebook’s status at

Ensure to inspect the “Facebook Login” status within the “Developer Platform” section.

Should it be experiencing downtime, patiently await server restoration, typically taking a few hours.

Given the history of multiple Facebook outages in recent years, the current app downtime is not unusual.

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