PayPal how to change country

An image showing PayPal how to change country
How to change PayPal country

Millions of people use PayPal every day to transact business, send money to friends and family, and shop online.

If you wish to relocate abroad, you should probably keep using PayPal and your account’s transaction history.

Sadly, because different countries have different regulations governing how PayPal operates, you cannot simply change your country in PayPal when you move abroad.

What is PayPal

PayPal is a business that specializes in online transactions and makes it simple for individuals to do so.

Using PayPal’s platform, users can open an account that is connected to a credit card or checking account.

Once identification and evidence of funds have been validated, users can begin sending and receiving payments to and from other PayPal accounts online or using the company’s app.

How to Change Country in PayPal

1). Log into PayPal and select the gear-shaped “Settings” icon from the upper right corner of the screen.

2). On the Settings page, in the box on the top right corner, select “Manage all addresses.”

3. Click to add a new address, then select “Set as primary” (or select “Set as primary” beside any already-existing address to make it your delivery address).

4. A green check mark and the statement “You changed your primary address” will be visible at the top of the screen.

You must terminate your PayPal account and open a new one if you move abroad since you cannot change your primary address to one in another nation.