Minecraft Unusing Enchantment by EvilCraft: Tips and Tricks

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Learn about Minecraft Unusing Enchantment with our comprehensive guide.

Enchantments in Minecraft can greatly improve your gameplay experience by adding new abilities and bonuses to your tools, weapons, and armor.

However, sometimes you may want to remove enchantments that you no longer need or that are interfering with other enchantments.

In this article, we will discuss how to remove enchantments from your items in Minecraft, with a focus on using the EvilCraft Mod and its Enchantment Extractor.

Understanding Enchantments in Minecraft

Before we dive into how to remove enchantments, it’s important to understand how enchantments work in Minecraft.

Enchantments are special bonuses that can be added to your items, including tools, weapons, and armor.

Enchantments can be added using an enchanting table, an anvil, or a grindstone.

Each enchantment has a level, and some enchantments have a maximum level, such as Looting, which has a maximum level of 3.

Minecraft Unusing Enchantment Mod By EvilCraft

EvilCraft Mod is a popular mod for Minecraft that adds various evil-themed elements to the game, including new enchantments and ways to remove enchantments.

One of the most useful features of EvilCraft Mod is its Enchantment Extractor, which allows you to remove enchantments from your items.

How to Use Enchantment Extractor to Remove Enchantments

To use Enchantment Extractor, you will need to craft the Enchantment Extractor block using four iron ingots and four obsidian.

Once you have the Enchantment Extractor block, place it on the ground and right-click on it with the item that has the enchantment you want to remove.

The Enchantment Extractor will remove the enchantment and give you a book with the removed enchantment, which you can use to add the enchantment back to another item in the future.

EvilCraft Mod: Removing Enchantments

Another way to remove enchantments with EvilCraft is by using the Corail Tombstone mod.

This mod adds a book called the Book of Disenchantment, which can be used to remove all enchantments from an item.

To use the Book of Disenchantment, you need to craft it by combining one Book and four Lapis Lazuli.

Once crafted, simply right-click on the Book of Disenchantment while holding the enchanted item to remove all enchantments.

Other Methods to Remove Enchantments

Aside from the EvilCraft mod, there are other methods to remove enchantments in Minecraft.

One way is to use a Grindstone, which can be used to remove all enchantments from an item and return some of the experience points spent on the enchantments.

To use the Grindstone, simply place the enchanted item in the top slot and another item or material in the bottom slot.

Once the items are placed, simply interact with the Grindstone to remove the enchantments.

Another way to remove enchantments is by combining two items with the same enchantment on an Anvil.

This will remove the enchantment from one of the items and transfer it to the other.

However, this method is not recommended if you want to keep both items since you will lose one of them in the process.

Dark power gem EvilCraft

The Dark Gem is an item added by EvilCraft that drops from Dark Ore.

The Dark Gem is used in a majority of crafting recipes in EvilCraft.

It can be used to craft various things in this mod.

Dark Temples contain Environmental Accumulators, which can be used for controlling the weather.

Vengeance Spirits are also present in this mod.

After mobs die, they will leave behind their (Vengeance) Spirit.

Even players have spirits!

You can collect these spirits inside boxes.

Environmental accumulator EvilCraft

Environmental Accumulator is a Minecraft mod that runs on blood and doesn’t produce any secondary effects.

The mod is based on harvesting Blood from creatures in order to craft various contraptions.


Enchantments can be a powerful tool in Minecraft, but sometimes you may want to remove them to better suit your needs.

Using the EvilCraft mod or other methods such as the Grindstone or Anvil, you can easily remove enchantments from items without destroying them.

With these methods, you can customize your gear to your liking and take your Minecraft gameplay to the next level.


1. Can you remove a specific enchantment from an item?

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove a specific enchantment from an item. You can only remove all enchantments or a single enchantment.

2. Will removing an enchantment destroy the item?

No, removing an enchantment will not destroy the item. However, the item will lose its enchantment and any associated benefits.

3. Can you remove enchantments from items in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Yes, you can remove enchantments from items in Minecraft Bedrock Edition using the same methods as in Java Edition.

4. Is EvilCraft the only mod that allows you to remove enchantments?

No, there are other mods that allow you to remove enchantments, such as the Better Enchanting mod and the Enchantment Deleter mod.

5. Can you remove enchantments from items in Creative mode?

Yes, you can remove enchantments from items in Creative mode using the same methods as in Survival mode.

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