Kirasztia Location in WoW: How to Find the Emerald Dream Vendor and What He Sells

This article talks about Kirasztia Location in WoW.

If you’re a fan of World of Warcraft, you probably know that the game is constantly evolving and adding new content.

One of the latest additions is the Emerald Dream, a new area introduced by Patch 10.2.

The Emerald Dream is a mystical realm that mirrors Azeroth but in its original, unspoiled state.

It is home to many creatures and secrets, including some rare and powerful vendors.

One of these vendors is Kirasztia, a dragon who sells gear and items related to the Emerald Dream.

In this article, I’ll tell you how to find Kirasztia, what he sells, and why you should visit him.

An image illustration of Kirasztia Location in WoW
Kirasztia Location in WoW.

How to Find Kirasztia location in WoW

To locate Kirasztia within World of Warcraft, venture into the Emerald Dream by accessing portals found in different locations like the Temple of Elune in Val’sharah, the Dreamgrove in the Broken Isles, or the Heart of the Forest in Ardenweald.

Once inside the Emerald Dream, navigate to the coordinates 36.69, 33.30, situated east of the Wellspring of Life and south of the Scorching Chasm.

Discover Kirasztia and another vendor, Theozhaklos the Curious, standing side by side at a place known as Overhanging the Influx.

They are close to the entrance leading to the Amidrassil raid, the Hope of the Dream. Alternatively, you can use the TomTom addon to mark their location on your map.

What Kirasztia Sells and Why You Should Buy from Him

Kirasztia offers a diverse selection of gear and items associated with the Emerald Dream and the Dragonflight.

Some noteworthy items include:

1. Casket of the Risen Nightmare: A chest piece that provides the chance to summon a Nightmare Dragon for assistance in combat.
2. Dreamscale Insignia: A trinket boosting damage and healing by 10% for 15 seconds upon using a Dreamscale ability.
3. Emerald Mark of Mastery: A currency exchangeable for class-specific sets that enhance your Dreamscale abilities.
4. Flame-Warped Curio: A quest item convertible to a reward of your choosing when turned in to Kirasztia.
5. Kirasztia’s Dreamscale: A consumable transforming you into a dragon for 10 minutes, enabling flight and fire breathing.

These items prove highly advantageous, particularly for those exploring the Emerald Dream and engaging in Dragonflight content.

Additionally, they add a stylish touch to your character and can impress your friends.

It’s worth noting that Kirasztia’s items come at a cost, requiring either gold, Dreamscale Essence, or Emerald Mark of Mastery, obtainable through quest completion, enemy defeats, or chest looting in the Emerald Dream.


Kirasztia is a vendor that you should visit if you’re playing World of Warcraft and want to experience the Emerald Dream and the Dragonflight.

He sells gear and items that can enhance your abilities, boost your performance, and make you feel like a dragon.

To find him, you need to go to the Emerald Dream and look for him at the coordinates 36.69 and 33.30.

He is waiting for you with his wares and his wisdom.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get some of the best items in the game.

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