How to Fix Invalid Visit Detected on Linkvertise

Linkvertise proves to be a popular platform for earning money through link shortening and sharing.

Additionally, it offers free internet content and downloads to users engaging with ads and completing tasks.

While this setup seems advantageous, there are instances where users encounter an error message, namely, “Invalid visit detected.”

This signals that Linkvertise has identified something suspicious during the visit, blocking access to the content.

This article delves into the reasons behind this error and provides simple tricks to bypass it.

Furthermore, it offers tips on preventing such errors in the future.

If you’re a user seeking to navigate Linkvertise seamlessly, read on for insights.

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How to Fix Invalid Visit Detected on Linkvertise.
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Why Linkvertise Shows You Invalid Visit Detected

The “Invalid visit detected” error on Linkvertise may stem from various factors:

  • Usage of an ad-blocker or VPN disrupting Linkvertise’s ads and tracking system. Since Linkvertise relies on ads for revenue and providing free content, blocking or concealing ads will trigger the error.
  • Deployment of a browser with built-in ad suppression or privacy features (e.g., Brave, Firefox, or Opera) that default to blocking ads, trackers, or scripts. This action can activate Linkvertise’s detection system, resulting in the error.
  • Utilization of a network with restrictions or filters (e.g., Wi-Fi networks, mobile data networks, or VPN networks) that employ firewalls or proxies to block or hide ads. Such network configurations may prompt the Linkvertise error.
  • Accessing the Linkvertise link from an unsupported country or region. Linkvertise may have distinct policies for different countries or regions; attempting to access the link from an unauthorized location can lead to an error.

How to Fix Invalid Visit Detected on Linkvertise

Now that you understand why the Linkvertise error occurs, let’s explore effective solutions tailored to different causes:

  1. Disable Ad-blocker or VPN:

    • On Chrome: Click three dots > Extensions > Manage Extensions > Disable Adblock extensions.
    • On Firefox: Menu > Add-ons > Extensions > Disable adblock extensions.
    • On Opera: Opera logo > Data savings > Turn off Ad blocking.
    • On Brave: Click lion icon > Turn off Shields for Linkvertise.
    • On Safari: Safari menu > Preferences > Extensions > Disable adblock extensions.
    • On Edge: Click three dots > Extensions > Disable adblock extensions.
    • Disable VPN by clicking its icon on the taskbar or menu bar and turning it off.
  2. Switch Networks:

    • On Android: Swipe down > Wi-Fi or mobile data icon.
    • On iPhone: Swipe up > Wi-Fi or mobile data icon.
  3. Use Mobile Hotspot:

    • On Android: Settings > Network & internet > Hotspot & tethering > Wi-Fi hotspot.
    • On iPhone: Settings > Personal Hotspot.
    • Connect your PC to the mobile hotspot.
  4. Utilize Opera Mini:

    • Download Opera Mini from the Google Play Store.
    • Open the app, tap the logo, select Data Savings, turn off Ad blocking, and choose “High” data saving.
    • Visit Linkvertise and refresh the page.

How to Avoid Getting Invalid Visit Detected on Linkvertise in the Future

You have learned how to resolve the error, here are tips to prevent it in the future:

  1. Browser Compatibility:
    • Opt for browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari for seamless Linkvertise use.
    • Check Linkvertise’s FAQ for a list of supported browsers.
  2. Country or Region Selection:
    • Ensure you’re in a supported country or region (e.g., the US, UK, Canada, Australia, or Germany).
    • Check Linkvertise’s FAQ for a list of supported countries or regions.
  3. Adherence to Terms and Conditions:
    • Abide by Linkvertise’s terms and conditions to avoid triggering the error.
    • Refrain from bots, proxies, or scripts and avoid creating fake or misleading links.
    • Refer to Linkvertise’s terms and conditions page for detailed rules and policies.

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