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You may have noticed the “Who you might know is on Instagram” notifications in your Instagram feed and questioned why they kept appearing.

You are not alone; countless other people have shared their Instagram handles and photographs in response to the question.

What does this mean? That query will be covered in this post.

When creating a bio or caption, it is vital to utilize a specific keyboard because Instagram doesn’t have a “Return” or “Enter” key.

To input symbols, use your web browser’s “Symbol” insertion icon.

If you want to conceal it, you can even use a special character, but that is entirely up to you.

What Does “Who You Might Know Is On Instagram” Mean?

Instagram’s “People You Might Know” section contains users you already follow and those you unintentionally added.

Additionally, Instagram makes recommendations for other accounts you might like to follow based on your contacts using this information.

You can prevent this by telling your web browser not to accept such recommendations, which will turn off notifications.

You can also prevent the app from accessing the contact list of your Facebook friends.

Verifying that the person you are following is not a stalker is the first step in detecting a stalker.

You have undoubtedly already met someone if you notice recommendations follow them on their page.

There is no need to be concerned if you are unsure whether they are a stalker.

There is a simple method to figure this out.

You can build a selection of your followers using the Close Friends list.

They will not appear on your list of close friends if they are solely watching your articles.

However, Instagram users are not notified when someone is removed from their list of close friends, so the only way to know if you have been deleted is to watch your stories.

If you see a green circle around their article, you can also check if they have been taken off of their list of Close Friends.

While it can be challenging to figure out who is following you on Instagram, your stories can show you how much interest you are receiving.

From your profile, you can block folks who do not follow you and hide your tales from other users.

You will be able to tell a stalker apart from a random user in this method.

How Does Instagram Choose Who You Might Know?

The following criteria are used by Instagram’s algorithm to determine which profiles you might know:

1. Your followers are mutual.”

Instagram may propose accounts to you that you both follow and have mutual connections with.

For instance, a senior from your school might appear in the “Who you might know” area as a result of your shared acquaintances from high school.

Instagram might have assumed that you two are acquainted because you both follow the same users.

2. They could follow your close friends

The Who you might know section, which your close friends follow, might display their accounts.

These close friends are the ones with whom you interact the most, according to the accounts that are offered.

This occurs because Instagram keeps track of those you talk to the most, tag in your photos the most, and comment on the most.

Instagram chooses a user as one of your close friends based on this observation and then proposes to you the accounts that they follow.

3. They Are From Your Contacts

The people you might know function may recommend Instagram users who are among your contacts if you have connected your mobile number to your Instagram account and synced your contacts.

4. You In Their Contacts

They may appear in the “who you might know” section of Instagram if they have your phone number and both of you have synchronized your contacts there.

5. They Might Be Your Facebook Friends

Your Facebook friend, who you do not follow on Instagram, may be suggested in the “who you might know” area if both of your Instagram accounts have been linked to your Facebook accounts.

6. You may have followed them earlier

Instagram may suggest to you those users who you may have previously followed but subsequently unfollowed.

Instagram keeps track of the users you followed before unfollowing them.

It advises you to follow them back because of this.

7. They May Be Local Residents

Instagram remembers your location and suggests users who live nearby thanks to the location services that let you add the location to your stories and posts.

Instagram uses this location service as another method of making recommendations for users in the “who you might know” section.

What Does Being Suggested Mean on Instagram Mean?

Instagram uses its algorithms to propose your accounts through the “people you might know” feature when it “suggests” someone, allowing you to follow people you should be following.

Instagram’s algorithm centers around proposing users who you may have followed in the past, who may be Facebook friends of yours, who may reside nearby, who may be in your contacts, etc.

As a result, Instagram’s “people you might know” function aims to increase the size of your following.

How Do You Turn Off Instagram Users You Might Know?

To get started with disabling the “who you might know” section on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Open any web browser that you prefer.
  2. Search for Instagram’s website and open it.
  3. Log in to your account by entering your user ID and password.
  4. Once you’re logged in, access your profile by clicking on the profile picture located in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  5. Keep scrolling down until you find the option “Include your account when suggesting similar accounts people might want to follow.”
  6. Check the box that corresponds to this option (it may already be checked). By following these steps, you can ensure that the “who you might know” section won’t appear on your Instagram account.


The “Who You Might Know” feature on Instagram suggests users that you may already know or might want to follow based on various criteria, such as mutual followers, close friends, contacts, location, and previous interactions.

However, if you wish to disable these recommendations, you can do so by accessing your Instagram account through a web browser and unchecking the option to include your account when suggesting similar accounts.

Additionally, if you suspect someone might be stalking you on Instagram, you can use the Close Friends list to check whether they are only watching your posts or following you closely.