How to unfreeze Venmo account

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Say goodbye to frozen account stress with our comprehensive guide

Venmo, a popular money transfer app, has on numerous occasions been reported to freeze accounts without clear explanations, leaving users puzzled.

Surprisingly, some of these frozen accounts even hold substantial amounts of money.

If you are a Venmo user who believes that you have done nothing wrong but still had your account frozen, you are not alone.

What is perplexing is that Venmo often fails to provide a reason for freezing accounts in many cases.

However, there are certain terms and conditions that, if violated, can lead to an instant freeze of your Venmo account, along with the funds in it.

In severe cases, Venmo may even permanently ban the account, and there have been instances where this has occurred to some users.

In this article, we will explore potential ways to retrieve funds from a frozen Venmo account.

Regrettably, once your Venmo account is frozen, withdrawing your funds becomes impossible.

However, fret not, as there is a way to access your money once you unfreeze your account.

To retrieve your funds, you must first unfreeze your account, and then you will be able to reclaim your funds.

How to unfreeze Venmo account

Venmo may freeze your account for various reasons.

Typically, they will send you an email with questions and instructions when this happens.

However, if you don’t receive any such email and there are no apparent reasons for your account being frozen, you should contact Venmo for assistance.

Unfortunately, there is no way to unfreeze your Venmo account on your own.

It is crucial to reach out to Venmo’s support team and request their help.

So let’s explore the different methods to contact Venmo and hopefully resolve the account freeze.

1. Unfreeze Your Account via Phone:

  • Contact Venmo support at this phone number: 855-812-4430
  • You can do this on any working day.

2. Unfreeze Your Account via Email:

  • Reach out to Venmo support team via email at:

3. Unfreeze Your Account via Chat:

  • Open your Venmo app
  • Tap on the menu icon located in the upper left corner
  • Scroll down and select “Get Help”
  • Tap on “Contact Us”
  • Choose “Chat With Us”
  • Chat with a Venmo representative to resolve the issue

Once you reached out to Venmo through one of these channels, they will provide you with the reason why your account was frozen.

Take the necessary actions to resolve the issue and hopefully unfreeze your account to regain access to your money.

How long does it take to unfreeze Venmo account

Typically, when your Venmo account is frozen, you will receive an email notification, although there are other indicators to watch for.

For instance, if you attempt to make a transaction and your account is frozen, a message will appear stating “your account is frozen.”

Additionally, if someone tries to send you a payment and encounters an error message such as “the payment could not be completed,” it may indicate that your account is frozen.

Ways to Know if Your Venmo Account is Frozen

  • Email Notification: Typically, Venmo will notify you by email if your account is frozen.
  • Transaction Error Message: When attempting to make a transaction with a frozen account, a pop-up message will appear indicating that “your account is frozen”.
  • Payment Failure: If someone tries to send you a payment but receives a message such as “the payment could not be completed”, it could be an indication that your Venmo account is frozen.


To avoid the stress of dealing with a frozen Venmo account and searching for ways to withdraw funds, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with Venmo’s policies and User Agreement beforehand to prevent your account from being frozen in the first place.

By taking this precautionary step, you can save yourself from unnecessary anxiety and tension.

If your Venmo account does get frozen, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Carefully read the email notification from Venmo to understand why your account was frozen.
  2. Respond in a detailed manner to each complaint raised by the Venmo team.
  3. Provide appropriate proof and documentation to support your case.
  4. Be patient and wait for feedback from Venmo.
  5. Once the issue is resolved, you can then proceed to withdraw your funds from Venmo.

Following these steps diligently can help you resolve the frozen account issue and retrieve your money from Venmo.

It’s important to stay informed about Venmo’s policies and promptly address any concerns to avoid disruptions in your account usage.