How to Transfer Apple Cash to Cash App

In this article, I will be taking you through the two simple and detailed ways how to transfer Apple cash to the cash app.
How to transfer Apple Cash to Cash App

Are you wondering how to transfer Apple cash to cash app?

I yes, then I am glad to inform you that there’s no direct transfer option between these two payment platforms.

Although you can’t transfer funds directly from Apple Wallet to Cash App and vice versa you can use your bank account as an intermediary for making transactions from one platform to another.

For you to successfully transfer the cash, follow these two steps.

  • Add funds to your bank account.
  • Add funds to the Cash App.

Step 1. Add funds to your bank account

  1. Download and open your iPhone’s Wallet app openAn image of iPhone home screen
  2. Hit the Apple Cash buttonAn image of App cash
  3. Click on More Options"how
  4. Click on Transfer to BankAn image of Transfer to bank
  5. Enter the Transfer Amount in the text field, then click Next. Two payment options will be presented on the next screen: Instant Transfer (with a fee) and 1-3 Business Days ( free of charge). Select the method you prefer, then tap “Transfer” to continue. At this point, if you haven’t already, link a bank account to Apple Pay.
  6. Verify the Transfer

Step 2. Add funds to the Cash App

  1. Open Cash App"how
  2. Click the “Money” tab at the bottom of the Cash App home page
  3. Select Add Cash buttonAn image of add cash
  4. Enter the Amount you want to transfer
  5. To confirm the transfer, tap Add

You must enter your PIN or Touch ID To confirm the transfer.The money will appear in your account right away.


As long as your Apple Pay and Cash App accounts are tied to the same bank account, it is actually rather straightforward of transferring cash.

You can either move money across the different bank accounts you’re using, or you can link a different bank account to Apple Pay or Cash App if you’re using different bank accounts for each.

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