How to sprint in Fortnite

How to sprint in Fortnite
Although there is no magic formula for winning in Fortnite, learning how to move is the first thing you should do

In Fortnite, there is no one definitive method to triumph, but mastering movement is the first step.

The more adept you become at moving quickly and smoothly, the more advantages you will gain over your competitors.

Mobility has many nuances, but running is the easiest to grasp. Thus, the question arises: How do you sprint in Fortnite?

You may be acquainted with sprinting from other Battle Royale games like Warzone 2 and Apex Legends, as the running mechanics are essentially the same.

But it is crucial to determine when and how frequently to utilize it, or you will run out of stamina.

How to sprint in Fortnite PC and Xbox


How to sprint in Fortnite PC


Fortnite is playable on almost all platforms, but navigating through the essential settings can be daunting.

Nevertheless, players who enjoy Fortnite on PC, Playstation, or Xbox can easily sprint due to the standardized sprint button.

To sprint in Fortnite, simply press and hold the “Left Shift” button on PC.

Upon commencing your run, a stamina bar will emerge above the health and armor bar.

If you sprint until the bar becomes depleted, you will be out of breath and must wait a short while for it to replenish.

How to sprint in Fortnite PlayStation



For Playstation users, pressing the left analog stick will enable running in Fortnite, while on Xbox, the sprint button remains consistent.

How to sprint in Fortnite Xbox

On both platforms, double-clicking the sprint button will activate auto-run.

In Fortnite, when riding the wild animals found throughout the map, the sprint button remains the same.

However, this time, the stamina bar applies to the animal, not your character.

If you sprint continuously and the bar empties, the animal will drop you.

However, you can remount after a brief interval, so there’s no need to worry.

How to Tactical Sprint in Fortnite

If you’re a new player to Fortnite, you may have come across the term “tactical sprint” in player discussions.

You might have also read about it on other websites.

Unlike other games, “tactical sprint” in Fortnite doesn’t refer to any particular combination, nor does it refer to Warzone players “slide-canceling” to move faster.

In fact, it’s just the same as the regular running that we discussed earlier.

The community uses this term because it was later added to the game.


That concludes the guide on how to sprint in Fortnite.

It is important to note that while sprinting, keep an eye on your stamina bar as it drains rapidly.

To climb the ranks in Fortnite, you must utilize all movement mechanics to their fullest extent.

There are numerous ways to move, such as sprinting, running, and even performing activities like hurdling.

Knowing when to run can provide you with a distinct advantage in situations where everyone has the same stamina.

Make sure to master these movements to give yourself an edge over your opponents.