How to Solve A4B4D4E4 in Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion

Klues, enigmatic puzzles tucked within Mortal Kombat 1’s fresh Invasion mode, turn your journey into a Mario Party-like board.

Engage in fights with mysterious bonus tasks, cracking them to unlock chests filled with rewards.

Step into the revamped Mortal Kombat Universe, overseen by the Fire God Liu Kang.

This iteration brings forth a new fighting system, game mode, and fatalities.

An intriguing addition is “Kameos,” allowing fighter selection for battle assistance.

Unlocking Kameos relies on solving the Invasion Klues in this single-player mode.

Some Klues are straightforward, while others demand more time to decipher.

Dive into this guide to unravel the A4B4D4E4 Klue in Mortal Kombat 1’s Invasion Season 2.

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How to Solve A4B4D4E4 in Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion.

How to Solve A4B4D4E4 in Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion

  • Klue: A4B4D4E4
  • Answer: The Klue doesn’t include C4 and symbolizes a plastic explosive.
  • Solution: Use Stryker’s fatality move, Safety Vest.


Klues Solutions Mesa
ESDORYT TEH DWLOR Unscrambled as Destroy the World Fengjian Village
Use Kameo Cyrax’s Annihilation Fatality to end the match (Mid: Forward, Back, Forward, R1/RB/R) Sun Do Festival
AMNISLTA4 Unscrambled as Talisman 4 Sun Do Festival
Flipping Out Swap your character’s stance over 20 times during the match Tarkatana Colony
DEDAERHT Unscrambled as Threaded Tarkatana Colony
Another Test Subject Use Shang Tsung’s second fatality to end the match (Mid: Forward, Down, Back, Back Punch) Shang Tsung’s Laboratory
Brutal Ways Use any Brutality to end the match Shang Tsung’s Laboratory (requires Nether Stone)
Quackx10 Duck 10 times during the match Living Forest
NOMED RENNI Unscrambled as Inner Demon Living Forest
ERTECA AOSCH Unscrambled as Create Chaos Living Forest
KCIRT TAH Unscrambled as Hat Trick Fire Temple
Use the element that brings life Use one of Rain’s Fatalities to finish the match (Close: Down, Down, Back, Back Kick) Fire Temple