How to set up PayPal key

An image of a man setting up Paypal Security Key
Easy steps on how to set up PayPal security key

PayPal is a well-liked way to send money to pals, make online purchases, and even receive payments.

One of the safest payment options currently on the market, the service is quick and simple to set up.

You can utilize your PayPal funds practically anywhere that accepts MasterCard by using PayPal Key.

Here is how to set up a PayPal key and can benefit from it.

How to Get Your PayPal Key

Are you prepared to use PayPal and PayPal Key to make online purchases?

If so, you must first access your account to obtain your personal PayPal Key.

To get started, take these actions:

1). Log into your PayPal account.

2). Depending on whether you are using a computer or a phone, you should see a link or the PayPal Key icon at the top of your screen.

3). The payment method you want to use to fund your PayPal Key is up to you to decide.

4). To complete, click Agree & Receive Your Key.

An image after agreeing to the terms of setting up PayPal key
Agreeing to the terms of setting up PayPal key

You are ready to utilize it after you receive your 16-digit key. So let’s get to the fun part and talk about using your PayPal Key to make transactions.

How to Make Purchases With a PayPal Key

After signing up for your PayPal Key, it’s time to make your first purchase.

It is time to make your first purchase after creating your PayPal Key.

While Amazon does not yet allow PayPal as a standard payment option, we shall use Amazon in this example.

1). To check out, go to your shopping cart and click the Continue button.

2). Choose Add a credit or debit card when asked to choose your payment method.

3). Use your browser or the PayPal mobile app to access your PayPal Key. Either your Home page or the PayPal Key icon at the top of your screen will lead you there.

4). In the Card number area, type your 16-digit PayPal Key number.

5). Type your card’s name and the PayPal Key’s indicated expiration date.

6). Add the card, then carry out the transaction.

An image showing how to Make Purchases using PayPal
How to Make Purchases using PayPal

This procedure will likely be the same for every other online business.

Simply input your PayPal Key anywhere a credit card or debit card number is required.

It is quick, secure, and only needs a few seconds to complete.


PayPal is a popular and safe way to send and receive money online.

With PayPal Key, users can utilize their PayPal funds almost anywhere that accepts Mastercard.

To set up a PayPal Key, users must log in to their PayPal account, choose their preferred payment method, and agree to the terms.

To use PayPal Key to make purchases, users can input their 16-digit key number in the card number field and complete the transaction, which is a quick and secure process that only takes a few seconds.