How to send pictures on Tinder 2023

Due to privacy concerns, individuals on Tinder may feel comfortable sending pictures as messages until they have established enough trust with their match to exchange contact information.

Though, Tinder does not allow individuals to send pictures as message attachments even if you have a subscription of Tinder Gold. 

Nonetheless, there are ways to accomplish this more easily by following certain techniques.


How to send pictures on Tinder

Photo Links 

You can send pictures to your match on Tinder from your photo gallery by using 

First, you can achieve this by using app called using the photo you want to send from your app gallery. 

  1. Click a picture or save one on your camera roll. 
  2. Open your internet browser. It can be Chrome, Safari, or any other you use. 
  3. On the opened browser on your smartphone, go to prnt.cs. As you can see in the above image, there is an option of Browse Images in a blue box. 
  4. Click on that box. A pop-up menu will appear from which you have to select Photo Library. 
  5. Now simply select a picture you want to send from the photo library. 
  6. Then the site will automatically generate a link for the picture. For confirmation, please open the picture once and ensure that it is the one that you want to send. 
  7. Now just copy the link. 
  8. Open the Tinder app and go to the chatbox of the person you wish to send the picture to. 
  9. Lastly, just paste the above-copied link and click on Send.

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Is it possible to upload pictures on your Tinder profile that only one person can see?

If you’re on Tinder and are worried about privacy this is the simple and secure way to do it. You can generate picture links for images stored in various places, like Google Drive, Instagram, Facebook, iCloud, or other social media sites. This way, you can send pictures to your Tinder match with ease and enjoy your dating experience. Simply create a link and send it over, giving you peace of mind knowing your pictures are safe and secure.

Not many Tinder users know this, but uploading a picture on your profile and making it visible to just one person is possible. However, it’s important to be cautious when doing so as it can be a risky process. The last thing you want is for someone viewing your profile to spot it.

To upload a picture for one person, start by clicking the “Add Media” option on your Tinder profile. The best time to upload the picture is when you’re already having a conversation with that person. You can casually mention that you uploaded a picture recently and ask them to check it out. Once they’ve seen it, quickly delete it from your profile. You don’t need to be direct and tell them that you uploaded it just for them, but dropping a hint could work wonders.

While this is a risky approach, it’s not impossible. It could add something exciting to your conversation, and you may even end up laughing about it together later on. Just make sure to act quickly and be careful when trying this out.



Today, we learnt how How to send pictures on Tinder using the two techniques that we have listed above and why people prefer sending their pictures that way. Maybe Tinder will allow their app users to send pictures directly in future without all the hustle that we have seen in our article. The methods listed should work for anyone who has a challenge or wants to hack how to achieve the methods.