How to Send Pictures on Tinder

This article will take you through the three methods of how to send pictures on tinder flawlessly for you to find your perfect match.
How to Send Pictures on Tinder

Many Tinder users are wondering how to send pictures on Tinder.

Tinder is one of the most widely used dating apps. This is because it is simple and allows you to swiftly swipe through profiles.
The inability to exchange photos is one such issue with Tinder talks. This is for obvious concerns of safety and anti-harassment.
However, this is not the end of the story because there are alternative ways to send pictures.

In this article ill be taking you through the various methods for you to send pictures on Tinder.

How to send pictures on Tinder

Method 1. How to Send Pictures on Tinder Using a Link

This is the simplest route, but it is also the riskiest.

Links cannot be sent in Tinder messaging. A link can be easily detected by the system, or you can be reported for them and promptly banned.

If sending an image in a Tinder message is essential for you, there is a workaround. Below is a way you can send a picture through Tinder:

  1. Upload the image you wish to send to your Tinder match to a popular image-sharing website like
  2. Copy and paste the image URL link inside the message.
  3. However, before sending the message, insert a space after the dots in the URL ;(also known as the Tinder algorithm will not capture it this way.
  4. Request that your match copy the text you gave and delete the spaces from the link.
  5.  He or she can now see the Tinder photo you intended to send.

Method 2. Upload a Photo to Your Tinder Profile

A simple but time-consuming solution is to post the image to your profile at the last slot.

Tinder has expanded the number of profile photos you may submit to your profile, so you’ll have one more spot to upload a photo.

So you can upload the image you want to send as a profile photo and then tell your match to look at the most recent photo that you have posted on your Tinder profile.

Method 3. Get her off Tinder so you can send photos to her

This method works flawlessly.

Request her contact information and send the picture through another social or messaging program that permits you to transmit pictures, not Tinder.

This Tinder hack is great to get someone’s contact information. Tell her you’d like to send her a picture but won’t be able to do so through Tinder and request her phone number.


Considering the suggestions above, you can now enjoy your Tinder conversations more. I sincerely hope you found this blog useful. I wish you the best of luck in meeting your ideal match on Tinder.