How to Restore WhatsApp Status View from Horizontal to Vertical Mode

WhatsApp, a messaging giant with over 2 billion users worldwide, enables communication through text, voice, video, and media messages, along with brief status updates that vanish after 24 hours, akin to Instagram stories.

Recently, WhatsApp introduced ‘Channels,’ private broadcast services allowing admins to share media, text, and polls.

These Channels can be found under the ‘Updates‘ tab, alongside friends and family status updates.

An image to illustrate "How to Restore WhatsApp Status View from Horizontal to Vertical Mode"
How to Restore the Old Vertical View of WhatsApp Statuses in a Snap (PHOTO:

This has shifted the layout of WhatsApp statuses from a vertical to a horizontal display, mirroring Instagram stories.

While some users favor the classic vertical view for its ease of browsing, others prefer the new look.

If you are among those wishing to revert to the vertical view for WhatsApp status updates on both iPhone and Android, this article provides a straightforward guide to making the switch.

How to Change WhatsApp Status from Horizontal to Vertical View

The trick to change the WhatsApp status display from horizontal to vertical view is to unfollow all the channels that you are following.

This will revert the status view back to the old vertical layout.

Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap on Updates.
  2. Select the channel(s) that you are following.
  3. Tap on the three dots and select Unfollow.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all the channels that you are following.

After you have unfollowed all the channels, the old status vertical view will be back.

An image to illustrate my title, "How to Restore WhatsApp Status View from Horizontal to Vertical Mode"
The old vertical view of WhatsApp status updates, restored by unfollowing all channels

Tip: If you want to change the status display back to horizontal view, simply follow a channel under Find Channels.


I hope this article helped you learn how to restore WhatsApp status view from horizontal to vertical mode.

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