How to Reset Apple Watch and Pair Again

An image of Apple Watch
how to reset apple watch and pair again

Are you wondering how to reset Apple watch and pair again? If yes then this guide is definitely for you.

Apple Watch is a popular wearable device that can be synchronized with your iPhone to keep you connected at all times.

Sometimes your Apple Watch will display a message suggesting you’ve entered your passcode too many times to unlock it, or you may decide you don’t want to use it anymore and want to sell it or give it to a friend.

This may necessitate resetting your Apple Watch and pairing it with your iPhone or the iPhone of the other individual.

In this guide, I will take you through the necessary steps to reset Apple watch and pair again.

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How to Reset Apple Watch and Pair Again

Method 1. Apple Watch Reset Using iPhone

Step 1: Turn on your Apple Watch

To turn on the Apple Watch, press and hold the side button.

Step 2. Place your Apple Watch near your iPhone and launch the Watch app on your iPhone

how to reset apple watch and pair again

Step 3. Tap the “My Watch” tab below

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Step 4. Select the “General” menu option

how to reset apple watch and pair again

Step 5. Scroll to the bottom of the list of menu options and select the “Reset” option

An image of General home page

Step 6. Select “Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings” from the menu


Step 7.  Click the “Erase All Content and Settings” button at the bottom of the screen for confirmation
You may be prompted to enter your Apple ID password to confirm this action

An image of Erase all Content and Settings page

Method 2. How to Reset Using  Apple Watch

Step 1. Open the Apple Watch Settings app

An image of Apple Watch Home Screen

Step 2. Tap general button

Step 3. Scroll down  and press the Reset button

An image of reset under general

Step 4. Under Erase, select Erase All Content And Settings

Step 5. You might be asked to enter your watch passcode

Step 6. To confirm your selection, tap Erase All

An image of erase all and cancel button

Your Apple Watch will be reset to factory defaults. It will be unpaired from your iPhone, and all content and settings will be deleted.

Method 2. How to Erase Apple Watch Through Website

Step 1. Login to the page in the web browser on your computer and sign in with the Apple ID you use

Step 2. Select the Menu option

An image of Menu Icon

Step 3. Choose to Find My

An Image of Find My in the app home page

Step 4. You may be required to verify your Apple ID and password once more

Step 5. Click All Devices at the top of the screen

An image of all devices button

Step 6. Choose your Watch

Step 7. Tap the Erase Apple Watch button

how to reset apple watch and pair again

Step 8. For confirmation, click Erase

Step 9. Select your Apple Watch from the list of devices at the very top of the screen after which you will be required to click on the tiny X

Step 10. To confirm your decision, click Remove

Whenever attempting to pair your Apple Watch, ensure sure the iOS version on your iPhone is up to date. This is accomplished by reviewing your settings. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on and that you’re linked to a network, either Wi-Fi or cellular.

Step 1. Start your Apple Watch

To turn on the Apple Watch, press and hold the side button.

Before pairing an Apple Watch with a device is to set it in pairing mode.

Step 2. Tap ”Continue”

This happens when you hold your iPhone close to Apple Watch until a message will come up on your iPhone when the smartphone recognizes the Apple Watch nearby.

How to reset apple watch and pair again

Step 3: Select Set Up for Myself from the menu

Step 4: Scan the animation on the Apple Watch

An image of A phone camera facing an animation in the Apple Watch

 step 5. Wait for the Apple Watch to pair

The screen displayed in the next image will appear after the Apple Watch and iPhone are paired. You’ll then be prompted to complete the setup process so that you may personalize your settings, add new apps, and start using your Apple Watch.

An image of iPhone and Apple Watch paring


We really hope that this article on how to unpair and repair Apple Watch was helpful to you.

Apple Watch is a convenient device to use because it is attached to your wrist.