How to Recover Deleted Drafts in Gmail

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Are wondering how to recover deleted drafts in Gmail?

Gmail is a useful and convenient way to store messages and information.

Gmail messages can be accessed from any phone, computer, or device that has a web browser.

Do you save important information and ideas in Gmail drafts for later use?

If so, I’m sure you have a lot of important drafts in your draft folder. And, unlike deleted emails, accidentally deleting any of these drafts can be disastrous.

Don’t worry I will take you through the different methods of how to recover deleted drafts from Gmail.

how to recover deleted drafts in Gmail

Method 1. Use the undo button

This is the simplest way of recovering deleted drafts in Gmail.

This button appears for only around 10 seconds before going away.

When you delete a draft in Gmail, a small popup appears in the bottom left corner of the email with an “Undo” button.
Simply click the undo button, and the draft will be restored immediately.

An image of the undo button

Method 2. Contacting Gmail Support

1. Open your browser and navigate to the Google Drive Help page.

2. From the Need More Help? the section at the bottom of the page, click Contact Us.

how to recover deleted drafts in Gmail

3. In the What can we assist you with? section, enter the deleted Files in the appropriate field.

4. The next tab will display a list of alternatives. Select In this case, I deleted my file permanently.

5. Select Next Step.

how to recover deleted drafts in Gmail

6. Google will return a list of articles to which you can refer. Read them and adhere to the directions below.
7. If one of the suggested articles addresses your issue, click on it and read it.

However, if nothing resolves your problem, choose the Next step from the list below.

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8. Tap on the email button on the next page.

This is to contact Google through email.

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Method 3. How to recover a deleted drafts in Gmail

1. Turn off the internet connection

Turn off the internet connection on the smartphone where your Gmail account is synced.

2.Open the Un-synced Drafts 

When the internet connection is lost, the Gmail app cannot sync your data with your online account, but draft emails can be saved.

Successfully install the Gmail app and explore the “Drafts” folder. You will find the unsaved draft email here, copy its content, and paste it anywhere else.

how to recover deleted drafts in Gmail


I hope that in the above article, I have answered your question of how to recover deleted drafts in Gmail.

And now you are aware of the different methods and steps that are followed to ensure a successful retrieval of the deleted drafts.