A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Promote Your OnlyFans

You might be wondering how to attract more subscribers to your OnlyFans account.

OnlyFans is a booming platform with over 300 million monthly visitors (via SimilarWeb).

Some creators have made a fortune on OnlyFans, such as Bella Thorne who earned $1 million on her first day of joining the platform.

And Belle Delphine who raked in $1 million a month from 4,000 loyal fans in December 2020.

But these are the exceptions, not the norm.

Making money on OnlyFans requires a lot of hard work and dedication, especially if you don’t have a large existing fan base.

The truth is that most of the top earners on OnlyFans already had thousands or millions of followers on other social media platforms before they launched their accounts.

So, you need to be ready to invest a lot of time and effort to grow your social media presence before you can see significant results on OnlyFans.

To help you with that, here are some of the best ways to promote your OnlyFans and grow your audience.

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How to Promote Your OnlyFans.
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How to Promote Your OnlyFans

To boost your OnlyFans presence, share your content on various social media platforms to attract visitors to your profile.

Increase your OnlyFans subscriptions by prominently linking it across all your social media accounts.

Various platforms such as Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, etc., can effectively promote your OnlyFans, especially when you maintain regular activity like consistent content posting and engagement with others.

1. How to Promote Your OnlyFans using Instagram

To advertise your OnlyFans on Instagram, link it in your bio, regularly share content, and interact with others.

Ensure that your posts comply with Instagram’s guidelines to avoid the risk of sudden account suspension.

Beyond adhering to Instagram’s rules, be cautious about the hashtags you use, as some may be restricted.

Using banned hashtags could result in a shadowban, diminishing your account’s reach and engagement.

1. Don’t post anything that violates Instagram’s guidelines

Prior to sharing any content, it’s crucial to be mindful of Instagram’s community guidelines.

Violating these rules, such as posting graphic violence, hate speech, or nudity, may result in the suspension of your account.

2. Add your OnlyFans link on your Instagram bio

First, let’s put your OnlyFans link in your Instagram bio (if you haven’t done it yet).

Instagram is becoming stricter, so directly adding an OnlyFans link might lead to your account getting suspended.

To include your OnlyFans link in your bio, use a tool like Linktr.ee or Allmylinks. These tools help you hide and add all your social media links in one place.

Since Instagram only allows one link per page, using an all-in-one tool allows you to link all your relevant social media platforms, not just one.

You can also add other socials like Twitter and TikTok if you have them.

3. Growing your Instagram Followers

The next important task is to increase your Instagram followers, and it’s a crucial step.

Numerous online tips and tricks can help boost your Instagram followers, such as using the right hashtags, posting at optimal times, and maintaining daily posts.

However, these suggestions may not be very effective, especially for a new account.

So, how can you go from 0 to 1,000 Instagram followers?

This is where Instagram follow-for-follow groups become essential.

4. Share your Instagram link on Instagram follow for follow groups

Follow-for-follow groups exist in different communities such as Reddit, Tumblr, Discord, or Facebook.

Engaging with Instagram follow-for-follow groups is an unconventional method to boost your Instagram followers, not widely talked about online.

Yet, it remains an effective strategy to grow your Instagram audience.

In these groups, you can promote your Instagram page, but the catch is you’ll need to follow others back for the strategy to be effective.

5. Share your Instagram link on Reddit follow for follow communities

To promote your OnlyFans, start by promoting your Instagram, as your OnlyFans link is in your Instagram bio.

Reddit’s r/FollowForFollow is just one community where you can self-promote your Instagram.

Many other groups exist on the web, and here’s a complete list of such groups.

For the purpose of this article, let’s use Reddit as an example.

Visit r/FollowForFollow and create a Reddit account if you haven’t already—it’s free to join.

Verify your email and log in to Reddit (check your junk/spam email if you haven’t received the confirmation).

On the front page, you’ll see a thread where people share their Instagram usernames and brief descriptions.

Follow suit and share your Instagram link with a short description to connect with the right audience in your niche.

6. Consistently share your content on Instagram

Now that you’ve built a following on Instagram, regularly share your content to boost engagement.

Maintain a posting schedule, but avoid excessive posting.

Aim for no more than one post per day, as multiple posts can lead to being muted, impacting your engagement rate negatively.

Right after posting on Instagram, share it in your story and encourage users to interact with a caption.

7. Add niche hashtags

Be sure to use hashtags related to your interests to attract people who like the same content as you.

Add a maximum of 30 hashtags either in your post caption or comments.

Use niche-specific hashtags to attract people interested in your content.

However, be cautious as Instagram has banned some hashtags.

Check if a hashtag is banned by searching for it on Instagram.

If it’s banned, you’ll see a message saying posts are hidden.

To avoid this, use synonyms for banned hashtags.

For instance, if #alone is banned, use #solo instead to prevent your account from being shadowbanned.

2. How to Promote Your OnlyFans using Reddit

Reddit is an excellent platform to promote your OnlyFans, with some users gaining over 80% of their subscribers from Reddit alone.

Unlike platforms like Instagram or Tumblr, Reddit allows the sharing of NSFW content.

It also features specific subreddits tailored to your niche. Posting consistently on relevant subreddits is key.

Reddit’s structure ensures that your profile is only visible if you’re active in a particular subreddit, making it more private compared to Instagram, where your username is often the same across social media.

If anonymity is crucial, Reddit is the ideal platform for you.

1. Edit your Reddit profile

The initial step is to customize your Reddit profile.

Use a pseudonym to avoid unwanted attention.

Then, include your OnlyFans link on your Reddit profile, making it visible to anyone who visits your profile.

2. Find niche subreddits

Then, identify a few subreddits related to your niche where you aim to consistently share content.

These subreddits, specific to your topic, are crucial for generating upvotes, and comments, and potentially gaining OnlyFans subscribers.

To discover relevant subreddits, conduct a Google search using the query ‘subreddit similar/related to (your keyword/niche).’

Keep in mind that while some subreddits may require verification, others do not, making the latter more suitable if you prefer not to verify.

Ensure to thoroughly read a subreddit’s rules, as some permit link promotion while others do not, risking a permanent ban for rule violations.

Nevertheless, numerous subreddits still allow self-promotion.

Check the number of users online in a subreddit at any given moment. Post when there is a high online presence to maximize visibility.

You can find this information on the subreddit’s online user count.

If you notice a significant number of people online or a sudden surge in traffic, seize the opportunity to share your content promptly.

This is particularly effective when many users are actively browsing the new posts section.

3. Create your own community

After building a substantial following, consider establishing your own community.

Increased activity on Reddit leads to more profile visits and link clicks.

If you’ve consistently contributed to relevant subreddits over time, users may start following you.

Capitalize on your Reddit followers by creating your community. Go to the second icon in the bottom navigation bar, scroll to ‘my communities,’ and select ‘Create a community.’

Congratulations, you’ve successfully launched your subreddit!

In summary, Reddit serves as an excellent platform to promote your content across various subreddits related to your niche.

Given its anonymity and effectiveness, Reddit is a platform worth utilizing to enhance your OnlyFans promotion.

3. How to Promote Your OnlyFans using Twitter

1. How to grow your Twitter followers

To kick things off, consider participating in follow-for-follow subreddits on Reddit to expand your Twitter followers.

Join communities such as r/Followback and r/FollowForFollow.

Here’s a straightforward process (3 steps):

  1. Share your Twitter link.
  2. Follow others who have posted their Twitter links and share an interest in your niche.
  3. Send them a message mentioning the subreddit and request a follow back.

2. Mark your tweets as sensitive

The initial step is to access your settings and label your tweets’ media as sensitive, complying with Twitter’s Terms of Service to prevent potential account suspension.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Tap on your profile in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. Navigate to ‘Settings and privacy’.
  3. Below the ‘Account’ tab, select ‘Privacy and safety’.
  4. Scroll down to safety and find the tab that says, “Mark media you Tweet as containing material that may be sensitive”.
  5. Toggle the switch to green.

Once you’ve marked your media as sensitive, you can begin sharing NSFW content on your Twitter.

3. Add your OnlyFans Link to your bio

Subsequently, you should deactivate your exact location to maintain privacy and prevent others from knowing your residence.

To confirm that your precise location is set to ‘disabled,’ go to Privacy and safety > Location.

Afterward, disable your precise location.

4. Set your precise location is set to “disabled”

Following that, it’s essential to turn off your exact location to avoid disclosing your residence.

To verify that your precise location is set to ‘disabled,’ go to Privacy and safety > Location.

Afterward, deactivate your precise location.

5. Add your OnlyFans Link to your bio

Finally, include your OnlyFans link in your bio to ensure its visibility when visitors check your profile.

Ideally, use an all-in-one link service such as Linktr.ee or Allmylinks to incorporate other social media links (e.g., Instagram, TikTok).

Best way to promote your OnlyFans account

The most effective to least effective methods for promoting your OnlyFans account: are TikTok, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder, Snapchat, and Tumblr.

Rank Social Description
1. Reddit An effective way to share your Instagram and OnlyFans links across numerous niche subreddits.
2. TikTok Create short-form videos, taking inspiration from other creators. Aim for content that resonates with the FYP trend.
3. Instagram Add your OnlyFans link using platforms like AllMyLinks, Linkt.ree, or Linkin.bio.
4. Twitter Mark your media as “sensitive” to avoid potential bans.
5. Tinder Connect your Instagram to Tinder, but be cautious about placing OnlyFans links in your bio to prevent account suspension.
6. Snapchat Add random users and share daily stories.
7. Tumblr Follow users and re-blog content; note that Tumblr’s effectiveness has decreased after the NSFW ban.


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