How To mute Someone on TikTok 2023

How To mute Someone on TikTok
How To mute Someone on TikTok

TikTok is a popular social media platform for video sharing that allows users to create and share short-form videos set to music and sound effects on any topic.

Both novice and experienced creators can use filters, background music, and stickers to enhance their videos, and they can also collaborate on content and create split-screen duet videos even if they are in different locations or countries.

TikTok is available in over 150 countries and 35 languages.

The app has been downloaded over 3.5 billion times worldwide, making it one of the most popular apps of all time.

TikTok users must be at least 13 years old.

Why do people mute you on TikTok and can you mute somebody on TikTok?

Social media Toxicity: This is a type of cyberbullying or invasion of privacy on social media in which one user stalks another in order to obtain incriminating or personal information from them with the intent of using it to harm them personally or professionally.

Harassment can have a negative impact on a person by distracting them, interfering with their sleep, and exposing them to bullying, rumour spreading, unrealistic views of other people’s lives, and peer pressure.

However, there are many ways of dealing with toxic people on social media.

1. Recognize toxic behaviour as such.

You’re probably dealing with a toxic person if their posts, comments, and messages consistently make you feel worse than you did before. Lying frequently, putting others down, and being overly pessimistic are all signs of a toxic personality.

Just because you dislike someone does not make them toxic. A toxic person, on the other hand, is someone who drains your energy or brings out the worst in you.

Determine your feelings after reading or hearing this person’s posts, comments, or messages. Do you feel exhausted, tired, unmotivated, unimportant, or depressed? If this is the case, this person is most likely toxic, and you should unfriend them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

2. Recognize that a toxic person’s behaviour is not always personal.

It’s easy to take someone else’s toxic behaviour personally, but their actions reveal more about them than they do about you.
They most likely behave similarly to everyone else.

3. Set limits.

Don’t give toxic people your full attention.

Decide what you can tolerate from your negative friends and family members, and stick to your guns.

4. Concentrate on solutions.

Refuse to focus on the negative, even if it’s clear that’s what your opponent wants. You can often silence complainers by asking them how they intend to resolve a problem.

5. Avoid seeking the person’s approval.

You don’t have to entertain a toxic person, even if they’re a family member or longtime friend. If their behaviour is tiring you out, don’t feel obligated to like their post or respond to their message, even if it irritates them.

However, when the harassment is too unbearable you can block the other party.

When you silence a user, they will be silenced or blocked, this blocking action is one of the most useful of TikTok as it prevents negative users from interacting with your account, and it will restrict the following in your account.

What happens when you mute someone on TikTok?


Publications are not available.

When someone is blocked on TikTok, they are automatically added to the block list, and they will no longer be able to see or comment on your content; in fact, they will no longer be able to enter your profile, and you will no longer appear in their search engine.

This user will be unable to see or interact with any of your posts or content in your account, even if it is set to public, and he will be unable to continue making negative comments.

There was no notification.

This user will not receive TikTok notifications from your content or their comments within it, and he will be unable to send you a private message.

If you block someone, you will receive a notification that you have successfully blocked them, but they will receive no notification of this action.

How are TikTok videos muted or blocked from being viewed by others?

When creating a TikTok video, you can easily make it private; this app has a few options to protect your content, including deciding who will or will not see the videos you download.

TikTok also allows you to make your entire account private if a few videos aren’t enough, but if your issue is that you want to make it public and have a few enemies bother you, you can simply hide your videos, either block them or have them set so that only your subscribers can see them.

To do so, simply enter your profile, search for the video, and enter its options, where you can select one of three options: public, friends, or private.

For this to be possible you can do it in the following ways depending on the phone you are using;

1. How do I mute TikTok on my iPhone?

The procedure is extremely simple, as an iOS user, you simply enter your app and do the following:

1. When you first launch the app, go to your profile by clicking on the Me icon in the lower right corner of your screen.
2. Locate and select the video to be hidden.
3. You will see a column on the right; locate and click on the three dots to open the menu with the app’s options.
4. In this case, you must slide the options to the left until you locate them. Select “Privacy settings”.
5. Find and select “who can see this video” from the drop-down menu.
6. From there, you can select your preferred option from three options: public, friends, and private.
7. When you select the desired configuration, it is automatically saved.

2. How do I mute TikTok videos on android?

1. Log in to your account on the TikTok app.
2. Fill out your profile.
3. Choose the video you wish to keep private.
4. Access the settings.
5. Click “Privacy Settings” when you get there.
6. Type “Who can view this video” in the box.
7. There, choose the privacy setting that you choose.
8. After that, these settings will be automatically preserved.

How to mute on TikTok live

Live streamers on TikTok will soon be able to silence comments from specific viewers using a new control feature. To combat abuse and hate speech on the platform, this can be done for varied lengths of time.

For a limited time, for a set amount of time, or for the entire live stream, streamers can now temporarily muffle users. The complete comment history of a muted user will likewise be deleted if their account is muted for any length of time. The newly added control tool expands upon a few already available options, such as keyword filters and the capacity to fully disable comments.

Picture of how to mute TikTok live

There are also ways you can unfollow followers who tend to cyber bully you with no intentions of stopping.

1. How to unfollow on Tiktok on Android

a.Launch the Tik Tok app on your Android device.

The icon is black and white with a musical note on it. It can be found in your Apps menu.

b.In the bottom-right corner, tap the figurehead icon.

This button is located in the lower-right corner of your screen. It will take you to a new page with your profile.

c.At the top of your profile, click the Following button.

This button displays the number of people you are currently following. It is located below your profile picture.
Tap here to see a list of everyone you follow.

d.Unfollow the user by tapping the Following button next to their name.

Find the account you want to unfollow on the list and tap the Following button to the right of their name. You will unfollow this person right away.
When you unfollow an account, the Following button changes to Follow.

2. How do I unfollow someone on Tiktok on iPhone?

a.Launch the TikTok app.

TikTok can be launched by tapping the black square with a white music note. It’s usually found on the home screen.

b.Proceed to profile

Tap the outline of a person in TikTok’s bottom-right corner. This brings up your profile.

c.Look at the list of people you’re following.

At the top of the screen, tap Following. You’ll see a list of people you’re following.

d.Unfollow the person by tapping the button next to their name.

This button indicates “Friends” if the person follows you back, and “Following” if they do not. When you tap the button, the text changes to “Follow” (or “Follow back”), indicating that you are no longer following this user.


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