How to make TNT in Minecraft

How to make TNT in Minecraft
TNT is a dangerous block in Minecraft that can blow up your entire base within a second

Minecraft, the widely popular sandbox game, presents an array of distinct block types that players can both find and craft.

TNT is a powerful and hazardous block and is one of the most significant ones in the game.

TNT can serve as a useful asset in various situations, such as combating large hordes of dangerous creatures or assisting in locating Ancient Debris in the Nether, necessary for constructing Netherite.

On the other hand, players can also employ TNT as a tool for causing damage, like pranking their friends or inciting chaos.

Regardless of whether players intend to use TNT for good or evil, it can be an exceptional resource to possess.

In this article, I will show you the steps that players can follow to craft this unique item.

How to make a TNT cannon in Minecraft

Gamers who wish to obtain TNT blocks must first gather the necessary materials to craft them.

These include:

  • Gunpowder (5)

To acquire Gunpowder, one of the simplest methods is by defeating Creepers that roam the wilderness or mining deep into the caves of the player’s seed. Though Creepers can appear daunting initially, players can defeat them with ease using weapons such as a Sword or a Bow. Players will need to collect at least five units of Gunpowder to craft a TNT block.

  • Sand (4)

The next material that players need to acquire is Sand, which is comparatively easier to obtain in the Minecraft world, particularly for those who have crafted a shovel beforehand. Although sand can be coarse and spread everywhere, there is an abundance of it in the world. Players will need at least four blocks of sand to craft a TNT block.

How to craft TNT in Minecraft

After acquiring the needed materials, players can proceed to their nearby Crafting Table and start crafting the TNT block by laying out the Sand and Gunpowder.

Players can then retrieve their newly crafted TNT block from the output slot on the right side of the Crafting Table.

Subsequently, players will require Flint and Steel to properly ignite the TNT block.

How to activate TNT in Minecraft

To activate a TNT block, players must place it in the desired location and then prime it.

Similar to any other block item, players can place a TNT block wherever they wish.

If they are unhappy with its placement, they can use their empty hand or a non-flaming tool to break it and pick it back up.

There are various ways to prime a placed TNT block, but the most straightforward and commonly used method involves using fire.

However, players can also use other methods.

Once the TNT block is primed, it will transform into an entity and cannot be picked back up.

Before detonating, the primed TNT block will flash white for several seconds.

TNT can be activated through the following means:

  • Using Flint and Steel
  • Utilizing a Fire Charge
  • Hitting it with any tool enchanted with Fire Aspect
  • Powering it with Redstone
  • Shooting it with a flaming or explosive projectile
  • Exposing it to lava or fire
  • Having it in close proximity to another explosion, such as a Creeper, a bed, an End Crystal, a Respawn Anchor, or another TNT block
  • Placing it near a Dispenser
  • Lighting it with Flint and Steel via a Dispenser
  • Having it struck by lightning

After TNT has been activated, it will detonate within a few seconds.

If additional TNT blocks are in close proximity, a chain reaction will occur as the first TNT block triggers the explosion of the nearby blocks, and so on for as many TNT blocks that are within the blast radius.


As we have learnt above, TNT is a versatile and powerful item in Minecraft that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Crafting TNT requires basic materials such as gunpowder and sand, which are readily available in the game world.

Learning how to craft and use TNT in Minecraft is straightforward, and it opens up many opportunities for players to create and explore.

As with any powerful tool, it is essential to take proper safety precautions to avoid accidents while using TNT.

With care and attention, TNT can add an exciting new dimension to the Minecraft experience.