How to lock the keyboard on a MacBook

This article will take you through on how to lock the keyboard on a MacBook in a simple yet effective way
Lock on the Macbook screen

Are you wondering how to lock the keyboard on a Macbook? Then this article will be of help.

You may occasionally want to keyboard lock your Mcbook to avoid unwanted input.

This is a valuable security feature if you’re working in public and don’t want anyone messing with your computer while you step away.

When you lock your Mac keyboard, individuals can still use the programs but not perform anything that needs using the keyboard.

This article goes into greater detail about how to lock the keyboard on a Mac.

How to lock the keyboard on a Macbook

Method 1. Using Third-Party Applications

There is numerous third-party software that allows you to lock your Mac keyboard, some of which are charged and some of which are free.

Third-party software such as Karabiner Elements, KeyboardCleanTool, and Keyboard Locker can be used to lock and unlock the MacBook keyboard while the screen is turned on and operational.

Once you’ve decided on a third-party app to use, go and download the App through the App Store or the app’s manufacturer’s website. You should have no trouble downloading the program from its official website If the app manufacturer is genuine.

To use Karibener Element to lock your keyboard, perform the following:

  • Open the Karabiner Element program that you downloaded.
  • Enter “disable” in the search box.
  • Select the box matching the internal keyboard.

Method 2. Lock Keyboard on Macbook Using Screen Lock

By locking the entire screen, you can directly lock the keyboard.

If you need to unlock the screen and keyboard, just employ a touch ID or input your password.

Below is how to lock your keyboard using screen lock;

Step 1. Click the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

An image of Macbook homescreen

Step 2. Click Lock Screen from the option that displays.

how to lock the keyboard on a Macbook

Step 3. To unlock the screen and keyboard, you will need to enter your password or use Touch ID

Method 3. Keyboard lock on Macbook using the Mac Touch Bar

This method is convenient for those who have a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar.

With a Macbook Pro, you can customize it to include a “Screen Lock” icon.

1. Open System Preferences by clicking the Apple symbol

2. Choose “Keyboard”

how to lock the keyboard on a Macbook

3. Go to the Keyboard menu and select “Customize Control Strip”

An image Customize Control Strip

4. In the icon menu, locate the “Screen Lock” icon and drag it into the touch bar

How to lock the keyboard on a macbook

5. Select “Done” You may now lock your screen with the Touch Bar

Method 5. Put Your Macbook to Sleep

There are three main methods of doing is;

  1. Simply close the lid of your computer to put your Macbook to sleep.
  2. Press WIN+L or CTRL+ALT+Delete. It will display a menu with options to lock, sign out, and switch accounts. You can select the lock option.
  3. Click the Apple Menu or the Start button, then the Power icon, and then sleep.


I hope this article has helped you to know how to lock the keyboard on a MacBook in a simple yet effective way. This will help you protect sensitive components in your Macbook and also prevents curious fingers from pressing keys they shouldn’t.