How to Install Ram in an iMac

This guide will help you to know how to install ram in an iMac in a more easy and faster way to help you save your time and money.
how to upgrade memory on iMac

How to Install a Ram in an iMac is a simple yet a hard question.

This guide will walk you through the simple steps of adding RAM to an iMac.

Extra memory, also known as Random Access Memory (RAM), can be installed into your iMac computer’s memory slots at any time.

After removing the memory compartment door with a screwdriver, insert it into your computer’s memory slots.

How to Install Ram in an iMac

Step 1. Check for the model of your Apple iMac.

Before you can install new RAM, you must first determine the model of your iMac. Look for the year your computer was manufactured or the model number.

Go to the main About This Mac tab and click the System Report button to find the model number.

A hardware overview screen will be displayed. Navigate to the line that contains the model identifier.

Step 2. Turn off your MacBook and wait for it to cool completely. Remove any and all cords, cables, and accessories.

Step 3. To avoid scratching the screen, carefully place the iMac face down on a protected surface, such as a soft, clean towel on a flat surface.

how to install ram in an iMac

Step 4. Depress the button hidden above the power input with the tip of a pen or a spudger.
Because not all of these screws will match, make a note of where each screw belongs.

An image of Ram Compartment

Step 5. Install the new RAM by sliding it into the slot and pressing firmly until you hear it click.

Step 6. Insert the second one.

Step 7. Replace the bottom case and tighten the screws.

Step 8. Start your Mac and navigate to the Apple menu.

Step 9.  Click on About This Mac.

Step 10.  Check the memory line or memory tab to ensure that your new RAM is visible.


I hope this guide has helped you to know how to install ram in an iMac in a more easy and faster way. You can do this easily at home without necessarily going to an expert and spending a ton of money.