How to hide number in Signal App

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Learn How to hide number in Signal App and keep your personal information safe

Signal Private Messenger has become a widely used app for end-to-end encrypted messaging.

Signal provides a secure messaging experience, allowing users to share messages, files, and voice notes.

However, many people are concerned about privacy and do not want to reveal their personal phone numbers to others.

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to hide number in Signal App.

Creating a New Account in Signal App

To use Signal without revealing your private phone number, you need to create a new account using a secondary phone number.

The following are the steps to create a new account on Signal:

  1. Download and install the Signal Private Messenger app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Open the Signal app and tap on the “Get started” button.
  3. Enter your secondary phone number in the provided field and tap on “Register”.
  4. Signal will send a verification code to the secondary phone number you provided. Enter the code in the provided field and tap on “Submit”.
  5. Once your account is verified, set up your Signal profile by providing your name and a profile picture.

How to hide number in Signal App

Signal requires you to provide your phone number to sign up, but there are ways to use Signal without giving out your phone number. One option is to sign up with a secondary phone number, which people will see instead of your personal phone number.

Another option is to use Google Voice to receive a verification code from Signal and create an account using the Google Voice phone number.

You can also create a pseudonymous Google account, register a Google Voice VoIP number, and use that as your Signal number.

How to hide number in Signal App from Group Chats

If you want to hide your phone number from group chats on Signal, you can do so by adjusting your privacy settings.

In the Signal app, go to Settings > Privacy > Groups and uncheck the box next to “Show your phone number in group info”.

This will hide your phone number from other members of the group.

Switching Accounts in Signal App

After creating a new account on Signal, you can switch between accounts by following these steps:

  1. Go into your phone’s settings and select “Add user or profile.”
  2. Create a new user or profile and set it up with the secondary phone number you used to create your Signal account.
  3. Switch to the new user or profile you just created.
  4. Open the Signal app and log in with the secondary phone number and the password you created.

Removing Duplicate Contacts in Signal App

To remove duplicate contacts on Signal, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your phone contacts and remove the duplicate contacts for the particular phone number.
  2. Refresh your Signal contacts and wait for a moment.
  3. The phone number in the chat screen will no longer appear twice.

Customizing Phone Number Type in Signal App

To customize the phone number type in Signal, follow these steps:

  1. In the phone number type (the one that says Mobile/Work/Home, etc.), choose “Custom”.
  2. Assign a new type that is not available in the list.

Enabling Disappearing Messages in Signal App

To enable disappearing messages in Signal, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Signal and tap on a conversation.
  2. Tap on your contact’s name at the top of the screen to reveal the chat settings.
  3. Enable Disappearing Messages, then drag the slider to set your desired interval. You can choose a time as low as five seconds and as long as a week.

Creating a New Chrome Profile for Your Second Signal Phone Number

To create a new Chrome profile for your second Signal phone number, open the Chrome menu and choose Settings.

Scroll down to “People” and click on “Add person”.

Choose a name and an icon for the new profile, and click “Add”.

Sign in to the new profile with a different Google account and install the Signal app.

You can then sign up for Signal with your secondary phone number.

Using Google Voice to Make a Burner Phone Number

You can use Google Voice to create a burner phone number that you can use to sign up for Signal without revealing your personal phone number. To do this, go to the Google Voice website, sign up for an account, and choose a phone number.

Once you have the phone number, use it to sign up for Signal.

Hiding Chats in the Signal App

To hide chats in the Signal app, you can use the archive feature. Swipe left on the chat you want to hide and tap “Archive”.

The chat will be moved to the “Archived” section of the app, where it will be hidden from view until you receive a new message from that chat.


Signal offers a number of privacy features that allow users to control their personal information and communication.

By using a secondary phone number, Google Voice, or a pseudonymous Google account, users can sign up for Signal without revealing their personal phone number to contacts.

Users can also adjust their privacy settings to hide their phone numbers from group chats and use the archive feature to hide chats in the app.

These features make Signal a popular choice for those who value privacy and security.