How to heal a horse in Minecraft


An image of a horse in Minecraft
An image of a horse in Minecraft

Horses are one of the most significant creatures in Minecraft.

They serve as a means of transportation and can be mounted for use in combat against other players or hostile mobs.

It can be challenging to get your Horseback if you lose it.

In this article, we will put each method for healing a horse in Minecraft to the test and help you get your pet back by your side.

How to heal a horse in Minecraft

1. Food

Giving a Horse food is the most common way to heal them in Minecraft.

Horses consume various foods, such as wheat, hay bundles, apples, golden carrots, and sugar.

When it comes to healing Horses in Minecraft, it is essential to have one of the following food types in your hand.

Afterward, you can right-click on a Horse to feed it and restore its health.

The different types of food and their respective health restoration values are as follows:

  • Sugar: restores 1 health
  • Wheat: restores 2 health
  • Apple: restores 3 health
  • Golden Carrot: restores 4 health
  • Golden Apple (enchanted or not): restores 10 health
  • Hay Bale: restores 18 health

It is interesting to note that despite their real-world love for Carrots, Minecraft Horses cannot eat regular Carrots.

While all of the above food can be used to tame a Horse, breeding Horses requires either Golden Apples or Golden Carrot.

2. Healing Potions

If you are looking to nurse your horse back to health after an injury, Healing Potions can also work wonders.

However, you cannot administer a regular Healing Potion to your equine companion.

Instead, try tossing some Glistening Melon their way, provided you have an empty slot for a Splash Mining Potion in one of the four compartments on their character sheet.

To concoct Glistening Melon, you will need 8 Gold Nuggets and a single slice of Melon.

Melon can be sourced from Jungle Biomes, Savanna Villages, and Desert Villages, or alternatively, its seeds can be found as loot in Chests.

Obtaining Golden Nuggets is as simple as placing a Gold Ingot in the crafting box.

Once you have obtained a Healing Potion, you can brew it with Gunpowder to create the Splash Potion of Healing.

After that, all you need to do is throw it at your horse, and it will be instantly healed.


To summarize, nursing a horse back to health in Minecraft is a straightforward procedure that can be accomplished by following a few simple steps.

It is crucial to provide the horse with adequate sustenance and attention to guarantee its overall well-being over time.

By implementing these measures, you can quickly restore the health of a horse in Minecraft and keep them happy and healthy.