How to get Tinder Gold for free

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Discover the secrets to obtaining Tinder Gold for free with our proven methods

Tinder is a famous app that people of all ages use nowadays.

It is known as the “hookup app” by younger folks.

You can find different kinds of people with different interests, hobbies, and preferences on this app.

It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or an outgoing party person, you can find someone you like.

If you don’t want to spend too much money, you might want to get Tinder Gold for free.

But is that even possible?

This blog post explores some alternative ways to get Tinder Gold for free.

Tinder Gold gives you a lot of cool features, such as seeing who “Likes” you.

You can easily swipe left or right, and view user photos in full size by tapping on them.

Tinder Gold is designed to give you confidence when you are trying to connect with someone.

That is why you want to get it.

In this post, we will show you how to get Tinder Gold for free, and give you some tips on how to use it effectively.

So let us get started.

How to get Tinder Gold free trial

The best way to get Tinder Gold for free is by using the Tinder app.

To get the free trial, you need to be a new user and meet certain requirements. You can find the offer in the Tinder app but it may not be available in all places.

To get the free trial, you need to have an active Tinder account and go to the Tinder Gold subscription page.

Here are the steps to get Tinder Gold free trial on your phone:

  1. First, download Tinder from the App Store or Play Store and install it.
  2. Next, sign up with your Google account or phone number.
  3. Go to the Settings menu and tap on Subscriptions.
  4. Pick the Tinder Gold plan.
  5. Fill in all the payment details and start your three-day free trial.

Now you’re all set and can enjoy the Tinder Gold free trial.

Remember, the trial period only lasts for three days.

After that, you will be charged unless you cancel the subscription.

If you don’t qualify for the free trial, you can still get Tinder Gold at a discounted price.

How to get Free Tinder Gold

Be careful of websites or apps that claim to offer free Tinder Gold, as they may not work or could be dangerous.

Most of these tools are fake and will try to scam you by asking for your personal information like your SSN or bank details.

Some apps also claim to give you a Gold subscription for free, like Tinder++.

These apps don’t really work and can actually harm your phone or steal your data without giving you anything in return.

In fact, many of these apps will infect your device with viruses and show you loads of fake Tinder profiles that don’t match what you are looking for.

So, it’s best to avoid these fake tools and stick with using Tinder the normal way

But if you still want to try and get Tinder Gold for free, there are a few ways to do it.

Here are some options you can try:

  1. Install Coupert, a browser extension that shows you the latest deals and promo codes for Tinder Gold instantly.
  2. Keep an eye out for notifications in the Tinder app and emails from Tinder that offer free trials.
  3. Use a valid promo code from popular websites like GrabOn, Groupon, Zoutons, or Reddit to save money on your purchase.
  4. Check if there’s a Tinder Gold promo code available by opening the app, tapping on your profile icon, and selecting the right option.

How to get Tinder promo codes

Sometimes Tinder gives out promo codes or discounts that you can use to claim a free trial.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Open the Tinder app.
  2. Click on your Profile icon at the top and select Promo code.
  3. Type in the promo code for Tinder Gold and click Submit.
  4. If the code is valid, you’ll get access to Tinder Gold for free!

But be aware that promo codes usually only last for a limited time (like a month), and they don’t give you permanent access to Tinder Gold.

After the trial is up, you will need to pay for a subscription to keep using Tinder Gold.

How to get Tinder Gold discount

There are many ways to get discounts on Tinder Gold:

1. Sign up for a longer subscription

If you choose to pay for Tinder Gold monthly, it will cost more than if you pay for a longer period at once. Gold prices start at $14.99 per month, but if you pay for the whole subscription at once, it’s only $5 per month ($59.99 total).

2. Check your email for special offers

Sometimes, Tinder will send out exclusive discounts to certain members via email. To get the best deals, wait for offers directly from Tinder instead of searching for discounts online.

3. Use Coupert

Coupert is a free browser extension that can find all available discounts for any site, including Tinder. It will alert you of any valid promo codes or exclusive deals so you never miss a discount.

4. Claim the Tinder Gold Free Trial

If you sign up for a new account and select an active plan, you can enjoy a free trial of Tinder Gold for three days. However, keep in mind that after the trial period, you will be charged for a subscription.

3. Look for promo codes

Some websites offer Tinder Gold promo codes that can save you money on your subscription. For example, BestDaters provides discounts of up to 50% off Tinder Gold purchases.

4. Use Virtual Location

By subscribing to Tinder Gold for one month and then subscribing for six or more months, you can get a significant discount on your subscription. You can use Virtual Location, which lets you fake your GPS location to match with people from all over the world.

5. Take advantage of Tinder Subscription Discounts

Tinder sometimes offers discounts on its subscription plans, including up to 35% off Tinder Gold and Platinum plans, 50% off Tinder Plus plans, and 40% off Tinder Super Boost. Subscribers also receive five free Super Likes every week.

To sum up, if you’re looking to find love and meet new people, Tinder Gold is a great option.

It has cool features, and you can try it out for free before deciding if you want to subscribe. We hope this guide has helped you figure out how to get a free trial of Tinder Gold using different methods.

So, go ahead and give it a shot to make your dating adventure even more exciting.

However, you should know that some methods, like using sketchy hacks and codes, can be risky and might harm your device.

Also, promo codes don’t always guarantee free access to Tinder Gold subscriptions because they are typically discount codes.