How to get scutes in Minecraft

An image of a turtle character on Minecraft to illustrate How to get scutes in Minecraft
Discover the process of breeding turtles, collecting eggs, and waiting patiently for adult turtles to drop scutes. Or, set up a scute farm for a more efficient way of obtaining this coveted resource.

In the world of Minecraft, scutes are special items that adult turtles drop when they mature from being baby turtles.

These scutes can be incredibly valuable, as they can be crafted into turtle shells, which can then be worn as a piece of armor.

Not only do turtle shells offer a decent level of protection against attacks, but they also grant the player the ability to breathe underwater for longer periods of time.

But that’s not all!

Scutes also have a decorative function in the game, as they can be placed in the world just like other blocks.

So, if you are looking to add some flair to your Minecraft creations, scutes can definitely come in handy.

In this article, I will walk you through the process of obtaining scutes in Minecraft, so you can take full advantage of their benefits and add them to your arsenal of resources in the game.

How to get a scute in Minecraft

In Minecraft, scutes are an exclusive item that can only be obtained from baby turtles.

Unlike other items in the game, scutes cannot be crafted, smelted, or acquired by defeating mobs, which makes them incredibly rare and challenging to obtain.

Interestingly, the term “scutes” has a real-world counterpart, referring to the protective scales on the backs of turtles.

Just like in nature, baby turtles in Minecraft also shed their scutes as they grow, with new and larger scutes taking their place.

Although this mechanic may seem difficult, the rewards of obtaining scutes in the game make the effort well worthwhile.

How do you get scutes in Minecraft

Acquiring scutes involves breeding turtles and patiently waiting for them to lay eggs.

To begin the breeding process, you will need to locate a male and female turtle in close proximity to each other.

Feeding them seagrass, which can be found in ocean biomes, can help stimulate their breeding behavior.

Once the turtles have successfully bred, they will lay eggs on the beach.

Using a shovel, you can carefully dig up the eggs and then right-click on them to hatch them.

As the eggs hatch, the baby turtles will eventually grow into adult turtles, capable of breeding and laying eggs of their own.

It is during this growth process that adult turtles will drop scutes as a byproduct, which can be collected as a valuable item in the game.

How to get scutes in Minecraft by farming

For a more efficient way to obtain scutes in Minecraft, you can create a scute farm.

To set up a scute farm, you will need to find two turtles and confine them within a fenced area.

Then, patiently wait for the turtles to lay eggs.

Once the eggs have hatched, you will need to allow the baby turtles to mature, which typically takes about 20 minutes.

However, you can speed up this process by feeding them seagrass.

While scute farms can be a highly effective means of obtaining scutes, it’s worth noting that they require a significant amount of space.

If you are limited on space, you may want to consider setting up a smaller scute farm instead.


In this article, we have learnt that scutes are a rare and valuable item in Minecraft that can offer both protection and decorative options for players.

While obtaining scutes may require some patience and effort, breeding and farming turtles can be a rewarding experience that adds a new dimension to the game.

Whether you choose to go the traditional route of breeding turtles or opt for a more streamlined scute farm, the benefits of adding scutes to your inventory make it well worth the effort.

So get ready to don your turtle shell and explore the depths of Minecraft with ease and style.

I hope that this blog post has provided you with comprehensive insights into scutes in Minecraft.

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