How to get beeswax in Minecraft

An image of a bees farm in Minecraft to illustrate the title "How to get beeswax in Minecraft"
Unleash your creativity in Minecraft with our step-by-step guide on obtaining beeswax.

If you are an avid Minecraft player, you know how important it is to gather resources to craft your tools and create unique items.

One of the most sought-after materials in Minecraft is beeswax.

Beeswax is a valuable resource that can be used to craft candles or as an ingredient in other recipes, making it a valuable asset to any player.

If you are wondering how to get your hands on this sticky substance, look no further.

In this article, we will explore the exciting world of beeswax in Minecraft and show you how to obtain it.

How to get beeswax in Minecraft

Step 1: Locate Bees

To start your journey to obtain beeswax, you will need to find bees in the game world.

Bees can be found buzzing around flower fields and forests, so keep an eye out for these peaceful creatures as you explore.

Step 2: Create a Beehive or Bee Nest

Once you’ve located bees, you will need to create a beehive or bee nest.

You can find these structures in the game world or craft them using honeycomb.

To craft a beehive or bee nest, place six planks of any type in a horizontal row on a crafting table, leaving the top row empty.

Then, place three honeycombs in the bottom row. This will yield one beehive or bee nest.

Step 3: Wait for Bees to Fill the Beehive or Bee Nest

After you’ve placed the beehive or bee nest, you’ll need to wait for bees to fill it up with honeycombs and honey. Bees will gradually fill up the beehive or bee nest over time.

Step 4: Harvest Honeycombs and Beeswax

Once the beehive or bee nest is full, you’ll need to use shears to harvest the honeycombs, which will yield beeswax as well. Simply right-click on the beehive or bee nest with shears to collect the honeycombs and beeswax. Be careful not to hit the bees, as they are peaceful creatures and won’t attack unless provoked.

Step 5: Craft Candles or Waxed Copper Blocks

With the harvested beeswax in hand, you can now use it in crafting recipes.

To craft candles, combine beeswax with a string on a crafting table.

Experiment with different colors of beeswax and strings to create unique candles that can be used to add warmth and elegance to your Minecraft builds.

Alternatively, you can also use beeswax to create waxed copper blocks, which can prevent copper blocks from oxidizing and changing color over time.

To craft waxed copper blocks, simply place four copper blocks and one beeswax on a crafting table.

How to get Rustic Beeswax Minecraft

Unlike regular beeswax, which is obtained from honeycombs in beehives or bee nests, rustic beeswax can only be found in special beehives located in flower forests.

Flower forests are biomes in Minecraft that are filled with an abundance of colorful flowers, and they are the only place where rustic beeswax can be naturally found.

Step 1: Explore Flower Forests and Search for Beehives

Head to a flower forest biome and start exploring the area to locate beehives. Beehives in flower forests have a rustic appearance with a rough texture and a unique color palette, setting them apart from regular beehives or bee nests. Keep your eyes peeled for these distinctive beehives as you wander through the flower forest.

Step 2: Collect Rustic Beeswax from Beehives

Once you’ve found a rustic beehive, you can harvest the rustic beeswax from it. Simply right-click on the rustic beehive with an empty hand to collect the rustic beeswax. Each rustic beehive typically yields one piece of rustic beeswax.

Step 3: Use Rustic Beeswax in Crafting

With rustic beeswax in hand, you can now utilize it in various crafting recipes.

Rustic beeswax can be combined with other materials to create unique and aesthetic decorative items, such as rustic candles or rustic blocks.

Experiment with different combinations to add a touch of natural charm to your Minecraft builds and make them truly stand out.


Obtaining beeswax in Minecraft is an exciting process that involves locating bees, creating a beehive or bee nest, waiting for it to fill up, and harvesting honeycombs and beeswax with shears.

With beeswax in hand, players can then use it to craft candles or waxed copper blocks, adding a touch of creativity and functionality to their Minecraft builds.

I hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights on how to obtain beeswax in Minecraft and inspires you to explore the endless possibilities of this versatile material in your gameplay.

Happy crafting and buzzing with excitement in your Minecraft adventures!