How to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes

Instagram is one of the most widely used social networks today.

It is a fantastic platform to launch your marketing or blogging business.

Over the past ten years, the social media platform controlled by Facebook has rapidly increased its user base, allowing more people and businesses to advertise their products.

There are 1.35 billion Instagram users worldwide in 2023 and it is predicted that this number will increase to 1.44 billion in the next two years.

A chart showing the number of Instagram followers wordwide
The number of Instagram followers worldwide keeps increasing

This makes it a platform worth putting time and effort into, but it can be challenging to cultivate a following.

But, is it reasonable to want to gain 1k new followers on Instagram within such a small window? Are there other ways to do it besides using an Instagram growth service?

These are all frequently asked questions by many users on the platform.

Benefits of 1k followers on Instagram

Your position in Instagram’s algorithm improves as you gain more followers. More potential followers and major brands then start to take attention as a result.

If a brand notices you have impressive stats, such as a large number of followers, they are more likely to cooperate with you.

After receiving an Instagram promotion, you can earn money simply by sharing content. It makes sense that people would want to learn how to obtain more followers quickly given all these benefits.

How to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes

If you search this question hundreds of people give you different kinds of methods, which are time-consuming.

We value your precious time, so this article shows you only the best method that enables you to get 1k followers on Instagram in the quickest ways possible.

We will tell you about growth services that help you get more followers on Instagram near-instantly.

But before we continue, I have got some good news and some cautionary advice.

The good news is that getting 1K+ followers on Instagram is not only possible but you can even get them instantly.

The cautionary news is that, unless you approach the matter carefully, it can have some serious repercussions.

Growth services can potentially be a ticket for a swift ride to getting permanently banned.

Another unpleasant reality about how to increase your following on Instagram is that most businesses that guarantee to give you 1,000 free Instagram followers in 5 minutes are merely out to con you.

If they’re giving 1,000 followers for “free,” regardless of the time frame they specify, they’re blatantly lying to you.

Instagram followers that are completely free do not exist. These businesses consistently gain something.

Scammers may attempt to acquire your personal data. They might also be trying to infect your device with malware or a virus, among other evil things.

Some simply want your Instagram login credentials so they may steal your data and the data of your network.

To help you out, we have composed a list of sites that you can trust for the task of getting 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes flat.


A screenshot of the interface is a social media growth service that specializes in delivering Instagram followers within minutes of ordering.

Unlike other services that use fake accounts and bot-generated metrics, offers authentic, organic followers and engagement.

Their team has invested significant time in growing their network and establishing affiliate programs to share with customers.

By using their service, you can trigger Instagram’s promotional algorithm and start trending. offers affordable packages, smart targeting, and exponential growth, while also prioritizing customer privacy and account safety.

Give them a try to experience their services for yourself.

2. Stormlikes

A screenshot of the Stormlikes interface

Stormlikes has become a dominant force in the promotional marketing niche due to its ability to satisfy clients and substantially increase their Instagram following.

This growth has been accomplished through the provision of high-quality packages that can be delivered within five minutes of ordering, and by offering additional features such as the ability to customize the geographic location of followers.

Stormlikes gained the trust of its clients by providing a free trial consisting of ten likes, which can be obtained without any registration or hassle.

The company uses real people to generate content, without resorting to bots or scams, ensuring a risk-free experience for its customers.

3. Thunderclap

A screenshot of the Thunderclap interface

Thunderclap is a reliable Instagram growth service that utilizes AI technology to improve engagement on your social media posts, including stories, reels, and more.

The company employs advanced targeting tools to expand the reach of your content within a short time frame.

Thunderclap’s services are completely secure, and the team does not require your Instagram password or other sensitive information.

Once you purchase their services, you can expect to see results within a few hours.

Thunderclap prioritizes quality engagement that is sustainable over the long term.

They handle all the technical aspects of growing your Instagram presence so that you can focus on creating high-quality content for your brand.

4. Followers Gallery

A screenshot of the followers gallery interface
Followers Gallery

This tool is designed to help you increase your Instagram followers quickly and offers two options: a free version or a paid app that professionally manages your profile.

The paid app offers different plans to buy a specific number of followers. However, it is worth noting that buying followers on Instagram violates community guidelines and increases the risk of acquiring fake followers who could disappear at any time.

Alternatively, the app offers a ‘free followers‘ option that allows you to gain followers without spending any money.

To access this feature, you simply need to sign up with your email and password and link your Instagram account to the new account you create on Followers Gallery.

The app uses a system that helps you interact with relevant accounts and earn in-app coins, which can be redeemed to obtain likes and followers for your account.

5. GetInsta

A screenshot of the GetInsta interface

Similar to Followers Gallery, GetInsta is another online platform that can assist you in obtaining more followers and likes in a short amount of time.

The best part is that this platform does not require you to enter your password or complete any surveys, making it both secure and hassle-free.

Although GetInsta offers an option to purchase followers like other platforms, we do not recommend this practice

Instead, the free-followers option is effective for both businesses and individual accounts.

Users can acquire real-time followers by earning coins within the app, without resorting to bots. The only requirement is that the profile should not be set to private.

6. Mr. Insta

A screenshot of Mr Insta user interface
Mr Insta

This particular platform has received positive reviews on Trustpilot and other similar websites, indicating its popularity among users

It claims to assist users in gaining followers in a short amount of time. Despite the unusual name, the platform raises concerns regarding the practice of buying followers and likes.

However, it is noteworthy that the platform does not employ bots.

The followers provided by the platform are 100% genuine, real people, and the service offers guaranteed delivery.

With different packages available, it is an affordable option that can fit within various budgets.

In addition to offering likes and followers, the platform also provides views and comments.

However, these additional services may not be effective in increasing followers and may not be necessary.

How to Increase Instagram Engagement Organically

If you’re looking to increase your Instagram engagement, it’s important to avoid shady tactics and shortcuts that could compromise your account. While it’s tempting to seek instant gratification, it’s crucial to remember that building a strong Instagram following takes time and effort.

Although companies like MoreLikes and StormLikes can help you quickly boost your follower count, it’s important to note that these solutions may only provide temporary results. If you’re seeking sustainable, valuable interactions on your Instagram account, it’s best to prioritize organic growth.

While companies like Morelikes and Stormlikes can be useful tools, it’s important to recognize that achieving a large following quickly is not a feasible or realistic goal for most people. If you’re looking to maintain a successful Instagram account over the long term, it’s best to focus on strategies for organic growth, such as those offered by reputable companies discussed below.

1. Growthsilo

A screenshot of Growthsilo interface

If you are looking for a reliable and effective way to grow your presence on Instagram, Growthsilo is an excellent option.

This digital promotion service is staffed by a team of social media experts and Instagram growth veterans who can provide you with invaluable advice and guidance.

When you sign up with Growthsilo, you’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help you take your account to the next level.

The registration process is quick and easy, and you will start seeing results in just a few hours. Growthsilo uses an intensive promotional campaign to help you reach a wider audience, and they’ll gather insights to identify any weaknesses in your account management strategy.

But don’t worry, they won’t make any changes without your permission. You will always have the final say in how things are done, and the account managers will work with you to develop a customized approach that meets your specific needs.

When you work with Growthsilo, you can trust that your payment information and personal data will be kept secure and confidential.

They have a strict privacy preservation guarantee, and they take your security seriously at all times.

With a track record of success and thousands of satisfied clients, Growthsilo is a service you can count on to help you achieve your Instagram growth goals.

2. Seek Socially

A screenshot of the Seek Socially interface
Seek Socially

When looking for ways to gain 1K followers on Instagram in just 5 minutes, it’s important to consider Seek Socially, a service that sets itself apart from other instant-followers services.

Although you may not see an immediate increase in followers after signing up with Seek Socially, their approach offers almost guaranteed growth, which is valuable in its own right.

Seek Socially provides dedicated account managers who are seasoned experts in social promotion.

By entrusting your account to these experienced professionals, you’ll gain access to a level of optimization that can transform your Instagram content and reach a potentially limitless audience.

This is not a service that provides instant or fake followers but instead offers real, organic growth through a reinvented promotional campaign and upgraded targeting of your content.

With Seek Socially, you can expect to reach tens of times more people than before, leading to increased visibility, engagement, and ultimately more followers.

Seek Socially’s approach is legal, safe, and has a proven track record of success.

By putting in a bit of persistence, you could see thousands of new followers within just 5 minutes. If you’re interested in expert care for your Instagram account, Seek Socially is definitely worth considering.

3. Famoid


If you are an aspiring influencer or startup looking to establish a prominent online presence within a short timeframe, Famoid offers reliable marketing services to help you achieve your goals.

With a focus on enhancing your engagement rate and expanding your reach on Instagram, Famoid is a trusted agency in the field.

Their team provides round-the-clock support to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have.

Famoid stands out for their secure and prompt delivery, dependable services, and commitment to ensuring your safety online.

By engaging their services, you can expect to see a substantial increase in views, followers, and engagement on your Instagram handle in no time.

Famoid guarantees a full refund if there are any issues with their deliveries or services, giving you the confidence to entrust your online growth to their experienced team.

4. AiGrow


AiGrow is an exceptional Instagram management service available online that assists bloggers and businesses in gaining new followers, boosting visibility, and enhancing engagement.

The platform offers a comprehensive range of features, including scheduling and social listening, among others.

AiGrow helps you develop your follower base naturally, preventing any adverse effects such as shadow bans or other related issues. Additionally, they offer a dedicated account manager to handle your profile, making management more straightforward and stress-free. The best part is that you can begin using the platform for free.

5, Growthoid

A screenshot of the Growthoid interface

Growthoid is an Instagram marketing agency that provides an online tool to assist in reaching real-time followers, enhancing engagement, and increasing visibility.

Their services focus on targeting similar profiles, attracting their attention with high-quality content, and expanding reach through genuine followers.

This company does not utilize bots or fake followers, ensuring that content remains the primary binding factor.

Additionally, Growthoid offers a satisfaction guarantee, promising to return your money if you are unsatisfied with their services.

Customers can also upgrade their plan or cancel at any time.

Those interested in their services can try them out for 2 weeks to determine if they meet their needs.

6. Nitreo

A screenshot of the Nitreo interface

Nitreo is an Instagram growth service that specializes in organic methods to help users expand their reach on the platform.

The company’s primary goal is to streamline the growth process for its customers, enabling them to connect with a larger audience more quickly.

In addition, Nitreo can increase the engagement rate of hashtags and support businesses in local markets.

The service offers real followers, engagement with potential audiences, and a path to take Instagram businesses to new heights.

To get started, users simply need to create an account with Nitreo, which will monitor similar accounts and engage with them to boost the user’s Instagram reach.

By doing so, users will notice significant improvements in their post engagement, likes, and comments.

7. UpRell

A screenshot of the UpRell interface

UpRell specializes in Instagram marketing and promotion, helping you to reach your potential audience faster.

Apart from growing your Instagram reach, they also come with customized consulting services that help marketers understand your business and identify the right kind of audience.

With their help, you can connect with real-time people, potential customers, or audiences, who will actually take an interest in your content.

Once you garner the much-needed attention, your followers will increase, and your posts will get more exposure.

Whether you need your account to become an influencer or increase brand visibility, the UpRell team can be of immense help.

However, the real catch is, these people never use a bot or automation tool to boost your Instagram growth.

8. Pathsocial

A screenshot of the PathSocial interface

Pathsocial is a reputable platform that provides Instagram users with AI-powered growth services.

It has helped over 24,000 brands such as Loreal, Uber, and BuzzFeed to achieve their marketing objectives.

By sharing your target audience with Pathsocial’s team, you can leave the rest to them.

They will use real-time data to connect you with people who are more likely to be interested in your content and become your followers.

As a result, you will gain authentic Instagram followers without resorting to fake profiles or bots.

Their services will help you establish a social media community that can provide your brand with the exposure it needs to succeed.


After learning about all the various ways you can get 1K followers on Instagram, what should you decide then? Should you go organic and wait for months to reach 1K, or you should reach the milestone instantly?

Organic Growth


  • Authentic followers who are genuinely interested in your content.
  • Better engagement rate and higher chances of building a loyal audience.
  • No risk of getting penalized by Instagram for using fake followers.


  • Time-consuming process.
  • Requires consistent effort and quality content to maintain growth.
  • May take several months or even years to reach 1K followers.

Instant Growth


  • Quick and easy way to reach the 1K milestone.
  • Saves time and effort.
  • Can help establish social proof and credibility.


  • Risk of getting penalized by Instagram for using fake followers.
  • Low-quality followers who are not genuinely interested in your content.
  • Low engagement rate and a high chance of losing followers over time.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your specific needs and goals.

If you prioritize authenticity and long-term growth, organic growth is the way to go.

However, if you need to quickly establish a social presence and credibility, instant growth may be a viable option, but it comes with risks. Whatever you choose, make sure to stay true to your brand and create quality content to keep your followers engaged.