How to Find Lost Apple Pencil

how to find lost apple pencil
Apple pencil and IPad

The Apple Pencil is a marvel of modern technology that is used in conjunction with an iPad.

On iPad, the Apple Pencil is used for sketching, taking notes, drawing, and other tasks.
Because of its high cost, losing it can be frightening, even causing panic or anxiety.

Don’t worry in this article I am going to take you through the different ways of how to find a lost apple pencil.

 4 ways of how to find lost Apple pencil

Method 1. Use your iPad Bluetooth connection.

Make sure that is the last device that was connected to the Apple Pencil.

Step 1. On your iPad, open the Settings app.

Find lost apple pencil
Step 2. Go to the Bluetooth option.

Step 3. Click on Bluetooth and make sure it is connected.

If the Pencil is still connected to your device, it must appear in the Bluetooth list when you get close.

how to find lost apple pencil

Step 4. The Apple Pencil has a range of 30 feet, making it easy to search.

Method 2. Install the Bluetooth Finder App.

Step 1. Buy and install the Finder App.

This app is not free, but it is worthwhile to pay for it in order to locate your valuable Apple Pencil. Especially if you frequently misplace your Apple Pencil.

The Bluetooth Finder app is available in the App Store, but it will only find your Pencil if it is charged and awake.

Step 2. Find the App and open it.

An image of Bluetooth finder


Step 3. Select your Pencil in the app.

launch the Bluetooth Finder app and select Apple Pencil from the list of previously paired devices

It will show you a radar image and the estimated distance you are from the Pencil, within 2 feet.

 Method 3. Retrace your steps.

Go back and retrace your steps.
You should return to the location where you last used the Apple Pencil to check for possible lost locations.

Examine your most recent iPad files, such as signed documents, drawings, or notes, for clues such as timestamps or location information.

Method 4. Look between your things.

When your Apple has fallen asleep and you cannot find it is quite frustrating.

When an Apple Pencil is asleep, you will be unable to connect it to Bluetooth, Buy shaking your bag, even if it’s charged up.

You should attempt to nudge the device to wake it up or activate it.


I definitely hope this article helped you find your lost Apple Pencil.

After all, losing a stylus that helps you install work and not forgetting how expensive it is can be very stressful.