How to Find Contacts on Twitter

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Are you wondering how to find contacts on Twitter?

Twitter is a service that allows friends, family, and coworkers to communicate and stay connected by exchanging short, frequent messages.

You may wish to find your friends on Twitter.

When you create a Twitter account, you must provide a phone number, an email address, or both.

After you sync your contacts, Twitter will show any accounts that are linked to the emails or phone numbers on your phone, making it easier to find your friends.

After your contacts are uploaded, Twitter will be able to suggest people you may know.

how to find contacts on Twitter

There are three different methods of how to find your contacts on Twitter;

Method 1. Syncing Contacts.

Step 1. Open the Twitter app.

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Step 2. Click on the profile icon.

It’s in the upper-left corner. This will access the menu.
If you’re a tablet user, tap the three-dot icon in the menu bar to the left.

Step 3.  Select the setting and privacy from the menu.

An image of settings and privacy

Step 4. Click on Privacy and Safety.

It’s the second option in the Settings and Privacy menu.

how to find contacts on twitter

Step 5. Scroll down and select Contacts and Discoverability.

Step 6. Switch on the “Sync address book and contacts” option.

how to find contacts on twitter

Step 7. Choose Sync Contacts.

A pop-up window will appear, requesting confirmation that you want to sync your contacts. To allow Twitter to do so, tap Sync Contacts and allow.

how to find contacts on twitter

Method 2. Finding your contacts by username.

Step 1. Click and open the Twitter App

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Step 2. Look for the username.

Click the search icon at the top of your Twitter page and type in the username you want to look up.

Then use the search icon in the bottom right corner.

Step 3. Choose your preferred option from the results.

Once you’ve found your person, click the Follow button next to their name or click their result to go to their Twitter account page.

Method 3. Use Twitter’s Who to Follow feature.

Step 1. Navigate to Twitter App.

Step 2. Find the Who to Follow section on the right-hand side of your Twitter account’s Home page.

Step 3. Choose an account.

You can either select an account from the limited list of suggestions in this section or view all to see a full page of suggestions.

Step 4. Select follow button to start following the tweets.


It is quite easy to find someone on Twitter by phone number by following the steps listed.

I hope the methods provided above are useful to help you find contacts on Twitter.