How to Find Apple Watch if Dead

how to find apple watch if dead
In this guide, I will be taking you through the commonly asked question of how to find Apple watch if dead

Are you searching for how to find Apple watch if dead? In this article ill be answering your questions.

Even though the Apple Watch is normally worn on your wrist, it might be misplaced.

Finding a dead Apple Watch is one of the most difficult and irritating chores that Apple Watch owner faces.
However, unlike your keys or wallet, your Watch, when paired with an iPhone or other Apple device, may actually assist you to locate its location and possibly even help you find it.

How to Find Apple Watch If Dead

F or you to succeed on how to find my Apple watch if its dead you must have the Find My App.
For the Find My App to work, your watch must be powered on and linked to your phone, Wi-Fi, or cellular connection.

The following are the necessary steps on how to find Apple watch if it’s dead;

Step 1. Click and open Find My on your device

If you have Find My activated on your Apple Watch, you can place your missing watch into Lost Mode, which immediately locks it.

Lost mode really helps your watch;

An image of Find My on the iPhone home page

Step 2. Sign in using the Apple ID that is linked to your Apple Watch

An image of Apple id page

Step 3. Select ”Devices”  located at the bottom of the screen

This will display all of the devices that are linked to your iCloud account.

Step 4. Choose your Apple Watch

You will be able to see the device’s position if it has an active cellular or Wi-Fi connection. If there is no connection, it will be blank.

Step 5. Swipe up to see more information

This will bring up the settings on your Apple Watch for managing Directions and Notifications, as well as Mark it As Lost.
Users can also ping their Apple Watch from here if they believe it is active and nearby.

Step 5. Select ”Activate” located under “Mark as Lost”

This will put your Apple Watch in Lost Mode and lock it.
This will disable your gadget and place it in Lost Mode.
You will also be given more information about Lost Mode. For example, if the watch can accept messages, you can leave a message that will be displayed on the watch face for the person who finds it.

how to find Apple watch if dead

Step 6. Scroll down and click Continue

how to find Apple watch if dead

 Step 7. enter your phone number on the next screen. Click ”Next” after you have entered your active phone number.

An image of Enter phone number page

Step 8.  Enter a message if you wish to include one

An image of message page

Step 9. Click Next again after you’ve finished typing your message

Step 10. Press on the activate button

You are going to be prompted to confirm your information. It is also critical to enable Notify When Found, which will notify you when the Watch is switched back on.

An image of Activate lost mode


If you didn’t have the Activation Lock turned on, you need to update your Apple ID password. This might stop others from accessing your iCloud data or utilizing other services provided by your lost watch.

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