How to Download Signal App on Android

An image of Signal App
Signal App

Don’t worry about how to download a signal app on Android.

The signal is a free mobile messaging app that allows you to send encrypted messages such as videos, images, and phone calls that disappear after a set period of time.

Because it is a non-profit app, there will be no tracking or advertisements.

how to download signal app on Android

Step 1: Download and Install the Signal App.

how to download signal app on android

Step 2. Tap “Open” to launch the app.

Signal App for Anroid

Step 3. Grant or Deny Permissions for signal to access your contacts

 An image explaining why Signal requests the “Contacts” permission on your phone.

how to download signal app on android

Step 4. Allow or deny Signal to make and manage your phone calls.

Allow or deny Signal to make and manage your phone calls.

Step 5.  Register your phone number and verify it.

Enter your phone number then tap on “Next”.

To verify your phone number, you will receive an SMS text message containing a six-digit code. For confirmation, you will now be prompted to enter that code.

Step 6: Pick a profile name and an image anchor link before clicking “next”.

The profile image and name you select will be displayed to any contacts in your address book.

Step 7. Choose a pin or Passphrse.

Pin should be secure and private.

It keeps information safe on  your Signal’s servers.

An image of platform showing how to show your pin

Step 8. Key confirmation.

After inputting youll be required to confirm the key ,that is, re-entering the key before pressing next.

An image of key confirmation



Signal is unquestionably one of the best secure messaging apps available today.

Because of its privacy features, it is also an excellent alternative to WhatsApp.

I strongly advise you to try it out on your preferred app store to see if it’s right for you.