How to dial letters on iPhone [2023 solution]

How to dial letters on iPhone: A person speaking on her phone
How to dial letters on iPhone: A person speaking on her phone

Have you ever wondered why businesses include letters in their contact numbers?

Why do businesses use letters in their contact numbers? 

Businesses use letters for marketing purposes, and these letters—also known as vanity numbers or phone words—are used.

The business incorporates one or two words associated with its brand into its contact information. This makes it simple for potential customers to remember their phone numbers.

Steps To Dial Letters on iPhone

On an iPhone, dialling letters is fairly simple. Take your iPhone out, then do the following:

  1. Launch the Phone App > 
  2. Find the green phone icon on your iPhone and tap on it to open the Phone app>
  3. The numeric dial pad will appear on your screen.>
  4.  Find the Right Letters>
  5. Check the phone number you want to call, then dial it beginning with the first letter.>
  6. Locate the corresponding number on the keypad>
  7. For instance, if you want to call the number 2, you would dial the letter C>
  8. Finish the Number>
  9. After that, just press call after changing every letter to its corresponding number.

Alternatively: Use Dictation

Here is another approach that you can use to dial letters on your iPhone 

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Go to General, then Keyboard, and Enable Dictation.
  3. Press the microphone button and start speaking.
  4. Simply press Done after saying the number you want to call, and the phone will handle the rest.