How to Deposit a Paper Check on Cash App

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If you are wondering how to deposit a paper check on the cash app then this article is definitely for you.

Cash App is a financial services platform where one can Send and receive money to and from individuals and businesses.

You can directly deposit funds into your Cash App account and customize a debit card and use it to make purchases with your Cash App balance.

The process of depositing a check with Cash App is simple.

How to Deposit a Paper Check on Cash App

Step 1. Make sure that your check meets all the requirements

Cash App paper check deposits, like other mobile check depositing apps, have their own qualifying conditions.

The following are the requirements for depositing a paper check on Cash App:

  • The check is drawn from a bank, credit union, or other depository institution in the United States.
  • It is payable in US dollars.
  • The check is made payable to the third party.
  • You have it in your possession.
  • The check is correctly signed by the author.
  • It has not been changed in any manner.
  • It falls under the check amount limit established for Cash App Mobile Check Capture.
  • The check date is within 90 days of the current date.
  • The check or photo cannot be deposited or cashed yet.

Step 2. Click and open the Cash App

how to deposit a paper check on cash app

Step 3. Select the bank icon

It’s the icon in the bottom left corner of your screen that looks like a building with pillars outside.

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Step 4. Select the Deposit a Check option

It allows one to scan paper checks into your account using your phone.

Step 5. Enter the amount of money you want to deposit

The amount should be in dollars.

Step 6. Tap Confirm front of the check after you have confirmed the front of the check

If your check matches the example on your screen, tap the box next to “The check is written correctly” to confirm.

Step 7. Tap the Take Photo button next to “Front.”

This activates your phone’s camera, allowing you to take a photo of the front of the check and scan it.
Use the grids that are on your screen to align the photo of your check, and Cash App will take a photo of it when it is clear and appropriate.
You should note that a dark background is the best.

Step 8. Tap the Take Photo button next to “Back.”

This will allow you to take a photo of the back side of the check and scan it.

Step 9. Tap the Submit button

It normally takes three to four business days.


It is simple to deposit a paper check into Cash App. Once you’ve confirmed that your check matches the eligibility conditions, just locate the check deposit features under Cash App’s Balance page and follow the app’s instructions to finish your mobile deposit.