How to Delete Apps on Apple Watch

An image of Apple Watch home screen
Apple Watch home screen

Are you wondering how to delete apps on your Apple watch?

The watch is a simple yet elegant device that can tell time and do a variation of other things.

Despite this, you can only have a limited number of Apple Watch apps. In the meantime, you must delete others.

Very many apps can also crowd your screen. Individuals might find it difficult to see the Apple Watch screen because it is so small.

How to delete apps on Apple Watch

1. To unlock the clock screen, press the Digital Crown to access the home screen

An image of apple watch digital crown

2. Touch and hold the watch face’s display

This will bring up the View Options screen.

An image of view options

3. Select the Edit Apps option

This would put you in the proper mode for deleting or rearrangement of your apps.

When the watch enters this mode, the app icons will appear to shake.

An image of edit apps

4. Choose the Delete icon located above the app

An X icon will now appear in the upper left corner of your screen.

The trash icon is shown here. You can now quickly swipe your app toward the X button.

An image of delete icon

5. Select Delete App

If you want to delete the app, a confirmation window will appear.

Eventually, tap the delete button to confirm your changes.

An image of Delete App

6. Activate the digital crown

This will take you back to the home screen.

Check to see if you’ve deleted the apps you wanted to get rid of.


I now believe you know the simple ways and steps of how to delete apps on Apple Watch without encountering any problems or difficulty.

Similarly, you can use the above steps to delete other apps.