How to Connect Surface Pro to iMac

how to connect surface pro to iMac

Are you wondering how to connect surface pro to iMac?

Don’t worry.

In this article, I will take through the simple steps of achieving this.

Both the Surface Pro and the iMac are powerful devices, and connecting them can be helpful.

It can be used to share files, control the iMac from the Surface Pro, or use the iMac as a secondary display.

Step 1: Determine device compatibility

Check that your devices are compatible.

Examine the specs of your Surface Pro tablet and iMac to ensure they have compatible ports and support the same connection standards.

Step 2: Get compatible cables or adapters

Depending on the ports on your Surface Pro and iMac, you may need to purchase additional cables or adapters. If both devices have a USB port, for example, you may require a USB-to-USB cable.

If your iMac has a Thunderbolt or Mini DisplayPort port, a compatible cable or adapter may be required to connect to your Surface Pro.

The Mini part of the name is significant in this case because there is also a standard DisplayPort size, which will not fit in the Surface Pro 6. (and older). Mini DisplayPort to VGA and DVI cables and adapters are also available for older monitors with DVI-D or VGA connectors.

Step 3: Connect the devices

Once you’ve acquired the required cables or adapters, proceed as follows to connect your Surface Pro to your iMac:

  • Turn off both devices and connect one end of the cable or adapter to the appropriate Surface Pro port.
  • Connect the other end of the cable or adapter to your iMac’s corresponding port.
  • Turn on both devices.

Step 4: Customize the display settings

You may need to configure the display settings on your Surface Pro and iMac to extend or duplicate the display and adjust the resolution, if necessary. This is possible via the display settings on both devices.

Step 5: Move the files

If needed, you can transfer files between your Surface Pro and iMac using methods such as file sharing, cloud storage services, or a USB drive.


The steps outlined above are general guidelines and may differ depending on the iMac’s model and system, how those devices are connected, how the Target Display Mode is activated, and the operating systems they are running.I hope you now know how to connect surface pro to imac.