How to Connect PayPal to Twitch

In this article I will take you through the two main simple methods and steps of how to connect Paypal to twitch.
how to connect paypal to twitch

Do you know how to connect Paypal to twitch? In this article I will take you through the simple steps.

PayPal donations are one of the first ways a streamer makes money.

Even if you become a Twitch affiliate, viewers who enjoy their programming will frequently leave a few dollars as tips.
The fact that fans may contribute to your profile in a variety of ways, including by transferring money directly to your PayPal account, is one of the best features of Twitch.

How to connect Paypal to Twitch

There are 2 main methods of achieving this ;

Method 1. How to connect PayPal to Twitch using Your PayPal.Me Link

Step 1. Set up your PayPal account for PayPal.Me

Step 2. On the PayPal app or website, click the “Send & Request” tab in the top menu.

Step 3. Select “More” from the top menu

Step 4. Select “Get Started” from the list of options under “Manage your profile”

how to connect Paypal to twitch

Step 5. Create a link for yourself. To activate your link, click the “Anyone can see and send money to your” button to the right of it; when active, the button should turn blue.

An image of your PayPal.Me

Step 6. Select the Copy Link button before going to your Twitch channel

Step 7. Log into your Twitch account and then click on your Twitch profile button at the top right, and select Channel

Step 8. On your Channel view and select ”About”

An image of the about option

Step 9. Turn the Edit Panels button on and create a new panel and select Add a Text or Image Panel option

how to connect Paypal to twitch

Step 10. Complete the panel title information. You can also add a unique image by selecting the Add Image button. the Image Links To: box and then paste your link there

Step 11. To test the link, click the Submit button and turn off your Panels

Method 2. How to link Paypal to twitch by creating a PayPal Donation Link

Step 1. Log into your account

Step 2. Click on the “gear” icon, then choose “Seller Tools” from the menu that appears on the horizontal bar

An image Seller-tool

Step 3. Select Manage under the list of PayPal buttons

how to connect Paypal to twitch

Stage 4. The “PayPal Button” page will open once you click this, and you must select the “Donate” option

Step 5. The “Make your Donate button” box will open; modify the Region and Language;  then click on the link it offers at the end

Step 6. Select “Continue,” then enter your PayPal email address and the purpose for creating the “Donation Button

how to connect Paypal to twitch

stage 7. Choose the donation currency type you want to receive when accepting donations in the setup’s last stage

Step 8. Go to your Twitch profile page and copy the link. When there, select “About” and then “Edit Panels” under the “Channel” section

Step 9. Then choose “Add a Text or Image Panel” with the “Edit Panels” button selected as “On”

Step 10. The information, panel title, image, and copied link must all be included before clicking “Submit” and switching the “Edit Panels” button to “Off” when finished


Taking donations from your Twitch audience and converting their Twitch Bit contributions into actual cash is easy when you use PayPal.

By doing this, your audience will be able to support you without using gift subs or bits.

By linking your PayPal account to your Twitch page, you may also increase your revenue and improve viewer interaction on the website.