How to Clean AirPods Max

In this article, I will take you through the careful and detailed steps of how to clean AirPods Max for better listening.
how to clean airpods max

Are you wondering how to clean AirPods Max? Then you are in luck for I will take you through the process.

The AirPods Max are Apple’s newest wireless headphones.

In addition to providing excellent sound quality and noise cancellation for noisy areas, they naturally pair with all of your other Apple devices.

We place headphones on our ears, which are probably among the dirtiest parts of our bodies.

They need to be cleaned because they become sweaty and wax-covered.

The AirPods Max can stop functioning normally as a result of this since they are too dirty.

The charging process and wireless connection may be hampered when dirt or debris becomes lodged in the wrong place.

The AirPods Max and the ear cushions should be cleaned separately, and Apple provides instructions for doing so on its website.

How to Clean AirPods Max

Step 1. Remove the ear cups’ ear cushions.

This merely requires removing them because they are magnetic.

Step 2. Combine one tablespoon (5 mL) of your liquid laundry detergent with a cup (250 mL) of water.
Use warm water and not hot or cold.

Step 3. A lint-free cloth should be briefly soaked in the solution and then carefully wrung out to remove any excess water, leaving the fabric damp but not wet. Test using the touch method.

Step 4. Gently clean the ear cushions; down, inside, and out until all dirt and stain are removed.

Step 5. Use a different dry cloth to wipe the moisture off your AirPods Max’s ear cushions.

Step 6.. Using the same method, clean the headband, paying close attention to any grooves or textured areas where dirt tends to gather.

Step 7. Air-dry the cushions for about 24 hours before reinstalling them.


I really hope you now know how to clean AirPods Max.

Your AirPods Max will last longer if you clean them properly and take care of them often. Additionally, it can aid in minimizing discomfort and significant damage prevention.

Take your AirPods Max to a professional to see if they can be mended if you notice that they aren’t functioning as they should. For better listening and a more comfortable fit in your ears, you should be able to maintain your AirPods max clean and free of bacteria by following the above instructions.