How to check your wifi ghz on iPhone

Photo of an iPhone
Photo of an iPhone

Apple devices are the most loved products in the world because of their quality and what they have to offer. 

We can all agree that most users realize and would prefer the iPhone over Android, regardless of whether they like the iPhone or Android. 

The iPhone’s distinctive features and dependability are its main selling points for the majority of users.

To check your iPhone’s WiFi GHz, there is no native feature. (2.4GHz or 5GHz). As an alternative, you could look up the network name, use WiFi analyzer apps, or use a Mac or Windows PC.

How to check your wifi ghz on iPhone

As was already mentioned, iOS lacks a built-in feature that allows you to check the WiFi GHz on your iPhone. Here are three strong substitutes that you could use.

  • Check Network Name 

There may be a different SSID on your router for each network band. Open the Settings app and select WiFi to verify this. 

For instance, the names “TPLINKUK” and “TPLINKUK_5G” make it clear which is which.

How to check your wifi ghz on iPhone
How to check your wifi ghz on iPhone

If there are no distinct names, I’ll discuss later how to set your router to do that. Go on to the next stage for the time being.

  • Use WiFi Analyzer Apps

You can verify your WiFi GHz on your iPhone using one of the many free WiFi analyzer apps available on the App Store. 

The top applications include Fing, AirPort Utility, and Network Analyzer.

  • Check On Your Computer

Checking your WiFi GHz is much easier if you have access to a Mac or Windows computer! 

When a Mac is connected to a WiFi network, select the WiFi icon in the menu bar while holding down the Option key. 

Check Channel under the drop-down option.

Check On Your Computer
Check On Your Computer

Once you’ve logged in to the WiFi network on a Windows computer, select Properties by clicking the Networks symbol in the taskbar. Scroll down to Network Band in the following box.



This article discusses how to check the WiFi GHz on an iPhone since there is no native feature for it. The article suggests three alternatives to check the WiFi GHz: checking the network name, using WiFi analyzer apps, or using a Mac or Windows PC. The article also provides step-by-step instructions on how to check the WiFi GHz using these alternatives.