How to change name on Tinder

A photo of a man navigating the Tinder app on a mobile phone to illustrate How to change name on Tinder
Our step-by-step guide makes it easy to change your name on Tinder

Have you found yourself feeling regretful about the username you picked when you first made your Tinder profile? Or maybe you are concerned about keeping your personal information private? Whatever the reason may be, you are probably wondering how to change your name on Tinder.

Well, according to Tinder’s support pages, it is not easy to just edit your name or age once your account has been set up.

But don’t stress, there are still ways to change your name on Tinder.

In this post, I will guide you through the steps to modify your name on Tinder.

Feel free to skip over anything you already know, re-read the bits you are unsure of, or just go with the flow.

It’s all up to you!

How to change your name on Tinder

Changing your name on Tinder is similar to changing your age.

If you sign up using Facebook, you have to update your name on Facebook to see the changes on Tinder.

If you signed up for Tinder with your phone number, then deleting your account and starting over is the only option available to change your name.

Tinder also recommends this method for changing your name, so it’s the best approach to take.

However, remember that you will lose all your matches, messages, and other data associated with your Tinder account if you choose to delete it and start over.

How to change Tinder name with Facebook

If you made a Tinder account using your Facebook, and you want to change your name on Tinder, you’ll need to change it on Facebook first. That’s because Tinder gets your name from your Facebook.

Here’s how to change your name on Facebook:

  1. Go to the top corner of your Facebook account and click on the menu bar.
  2. Choose “Settings and Privacy.”
  3. Then select “Settings.”
  4. Click on “General.”
  5. Look for the “Name” field on the “General Account Settings” page.
  6. Tap on “Edit” and type in your new name.

That’s it.

Once you’ve changed your name on Facebook, Tinder will update your name on their app too.

When choosing a name for your Facebook and Tinder profiles, keep in mind that the name you pick will appear on both platforms.

So, be sure to choose a name that you won’t regret later.

It’s also important to note that Facebook has a limit on the number of times you can change your name.

Therefore, it is best to avoid changing your name too frequently.

Once you change your name on Facebook, it may take up to 24 hours for Tinder to update your new information.

So, be patient and give it some time.


The truth is you can’t change your name on Tinder without either making a new account or deleting the one you have.

If your name or age is incorrect, Tinder recommends deleting your account and starting over.

Fortunately, if you have a Tinder subscription, you can get it back on your new account.

But, you will lose all your cool stuff like matches, messages, and anything you have bought.