How to Change Name of Airpods

An image of Airpods pro and an iPhone
How to Change Name of Airpods

Do you know how to change the name of Airpods? If Not then I will be glad to take you through the different steps in doing so.

For use with Apple products, such as iPhones and iPads, AirPods are Bluetooth-enabled wireless earbuds.
You may need to rename your AirPods occasionally; If you recently acquired a used pair and want to change the name, you might want to be able to distinguish one pair from another pair you own.

There are different ways how to change the name on airpods depending on the device you are using. This includes Mac, Android, or iPhone.

How to change the name of your Airpods

 Method 1. How to change the name of your airpods on iPhone

Step 1. Open the Bluetooth on your iPhone and remove the AirPods from their case

An image of the settings

Step 2. Click the “i” icon next to your AirPods

An image of Airpods pro

Step 3. Select “Name” and make the changes that are required

How to Change Name of Airpods

Step 4. After adding a new name, press Done in the bottom-right area of the keypad

 Method 2. How to rename your airpods on Android 

Step 1. To access the settings, long-press the Bluetooth symbol in your pull-down menu

How to Change Name of Airpods

Step 2. Open Bluetooth and wait for the list of paired devices to appear

An image of Bluetooth page

Step 3. Click the gear icon next to the name of your AirPods

Step 4. Choose “Rename” from the menu, then give your airpods a new name

How to Change Name of Airpods

Step 5: Once you click “Rename,” you’re done

Method 3. How to rename AirPods on Mac

Step 1. Make sure that your AirPods are paired to your Mac and that Bluetooth has been turned on

Step 2. On your Apple menu, select System Preferences

An image about Mac

Step 3. Select “Bluetooth icon”

An image of blutooth icon

Step 4. On the list, right-click your AirPods and choose “Rename”

Step 5. Click Rename after entering the new name


The chosen name you provided will appear when you next try to link to your AirPods in the Bluetooth menu.

This is a terrific way to personalize your devices and help other people recognize whose devices they are when they suddenly appear in their Bluetooth menu.

Therefore, it is always worthwhile to try, especially given how quick and simple it is to complete.