How To Breed A Horse In Minecraft

An image of two horse breeds in Minecraft
Two horses in the plains biome

This Minecraft guide includes detailed directions and screenshots that demonstrate how to breed horses.

You can create adorable baby horses in Minecraft by breeding horses.

Let us look at how to breed a horse in Minecraft.

Necessary materials to breed horses in Minecraft

Minecraft offers several options for horse breeding, and these items can be used for that purpose:

  • 2 Golden Apples: These can be used to breed horses in Minecraft.
  • 2 Enchanted Golden Apples: Can also be used to breed horses in the game.
  • 2 Golden Carrots: Similar to golden apples, golden carrots are also a viable option for horse breeding in Minecraft.
  • 2 Horses: Another way to breed horses is by having two horses together.

How do you breed horses in Minecraft?

1. Find Two Horses

Identify two horses and tame a pair of horses before you may start a horse family.

In Minecraft, horses can only appear in the following biomes:

  • Savanna
  • Savanna plateau
  • Windswept savanna
  • Plains
  • Sunflower plain

In Minecraft, horses do not have genders, therefore any two will do.

To prevent them from escaping, tether your horses to a fence post.

2. Use the Food Items

Depending on your preference, you can breed horses with golden apples, enchanted golden apples, or golden carrots as mentioned above in the necessary items to breed horses.

You must feed each horse one golden apple at a time while the golden apples are picked in your hot bar.

As you give the horses the golden apples, red hearts will start to appear over their heads. These horses are all starting to fall in love.

After feeding both horses, they will turn to one another and continue to have red hearts appear above their heads.

breeding horses in minecraft
How to breed horses in Minecraft

The red hearts will vanish after a little interval, and an adorable baby horse will then appear.

baby horse
Offspring of a horse

You now have two horses that are adults and one foal.

Your newborn horse will mature into an adult after 20 minutes.

Give your foal apples, hay, sugar, or wheat to help it grow more quickly.

For your horses to breed once more, you will need to wait for about five minutes.

How to Tame Horses in Minecraft

When trying to breed wild horses, there is a regular error done when breeding horses.

In Minecraft, wild horses cannot be bred. Only tamed horses can be bred, therefore, for breeding to be successful, both horses must be tamed.

Interact with a horse to go on top of it without holding anything in your hands.

You will likely be thrown off a few times, but keep trying until you see hearts around its head.

how to tame a horse
Picture of how to tame a horse in Minecraft


That sums up the tips on how to breed a horse in Minecraft successfully.

Horses can be bred with golden apples, magical golden apples, or golden carrots.

It’s crucial to remember that in Minecraft, wild horses cannot be bred; instead, players must first tame them in order to succeed.

Players can expand their horse family and develop them to become mature, robust horses by being patient and caring for them.