How to Block Snapchat on iPhone

How to Block Snapchat on Iphone
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Snapchat is a popular instant messaging app with unique features that has gained popularity among the younger generation.

As of March 2023, Snapchat had 375 million daily active users.

Is it a good idea to block Snapchat?

Blocking people you know who have harmed you, such as through bullying, toxic friendships, or constant harassment and contact, can also help improve your well-being. However, blocking can be difficult, especially when it comes to people you know.

Snapchat does not ban accounts unless they are reported, so anyone can post explicit content. If your children come across this content, it’s best if you block the app from their iPhones. As previously stated, you can limit the app’s screen time, schedule downtime, and prevent it from being downloaded.

How Do I Block Snapchat on My iPhone?

1. Screen Time Can Be Used to Limit Snapchat Usage

If you want to set a time limit for Snapchat rather than completely block it, enabling “Screen Time” for Snapchat through your parental account is the best option. Here are the steps you must take.

1. On your iPhone, open the iPhone Settings App Icon Settings.

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2. If you haven’t already, enable Screen Time.

Screen Time can be found in the Settings menu. Turn on Screen Time if it isn’t already on, then continue. Tap This is My iPhone if you’re enabling Screen Time for your own phone. If you’re restricting a family member’s phone, select This is My Child’s iPhone.
You can also enable Screen Time on all of your devices at the same time by swiping up and selecting Share Across Devices.

setting screen time

3. Select App Limits.

This will allow you to set daily limits on specific apps or app categories.

4. Select the Add Limit option. This displays a list of app categories.


5. Select the Social tab. To set limits on all social media apps, including Snapchat, simply tap the radio button next to Social in the apps list. However, if you only want to limit Snapchat, tap the category name to expand the list of social apps.

6. Select the Snapchat icon from the list. When you select the app successfully, the circle to the left of the Snapchat icon turns dark blue and a checkmark appears in it.

7. Select Next. This will take you to the next screen, where you can set a Snapchat time limit.


8. Set your preferred time limit. Set the amount of time Snapchat will be available each day using the wheel menu. After you’ve chosen your time limit, you can assign time limits to specific days by tapping Customize Days.
For example, on weekdays, you might allow 20 minutes, but on weekends and holidays, you might allow 45 minutes.

You might also allow 20 minutes every day.

9. Tap Add to add time limits. You’ll be returned to the main App Limits screen, where Snapchat will appear in the list of restricted apps.
When someone uses the Snapchat app, they will receive a notification 5 minutes before the time limit expires. The app will then be blocked until all of your limits are reset at midnight.

If you’re setting limits on your child’s iPhone, you should consider adding a passcode so that only you can change the limits you’ve set. Scroll down in the Screen Time menu and tap Use Screen Time Passcode, then follow the prompts to create your passcode.


2. Making an iPhone downtime reservation

Blocking Snapchat on your iPhone is more effective when done in advance. iOS blocks applications that have a set amount of downtime during the day. Make sure it’s not listed under the “always permitted” portion of your iPhone settings before allowing downtime assignment to Snapchat. If so, click the red minus symbol to take it from the list.

1. Launch the iPhone Settings app by clicking on its icon.

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2. If you haven’t done so already, turn on Screen Time. Tap Screen Time under Settings. Turn on Screen Time if it hasn’t already been configured, then tap Proceed.

setting screen time

3. Choose Downtime from the list of available choices.

4. Choose Scheduled.

The iPhone Switch Off Icon button next to “Scheduled” on the Downtime screen can be toggled on to specify the time frame during which Downtime should be active.
By selecting Put On Downtime Till Tomorrow, you can simply set Downtime for the remainder of the current day.


5. Decide the days and hours you want to schedule your downtime.

Depending on the time of day you wish to use Snapchat and other apps, you can either choose Every Day or Customize Days.


3. Prevent downloading Snapchat

With an iPhone, there are a few ways to prevent the app from being installed at your discretion. iPhone enables content filtering and may block the installation of apps from the Apple Store.

1. Choose Screen Time under Settings.

2. Choose Content & Privacy Controls and, if requested, enter your passcode.

3. Choose Apple’s App Store & iTunes Purchases.

4. Select a checkbox under Store Purchases & Re-Downloads and set Don’t Allow as the default setting.

How can I delete Snapchat on my child’s phone?

1. Click Settings in the top right corner.

2. Choose General.

3. Choose iPhone Storage.

4. Choose Snapchat

5. Choose “Remove App”

 Can I track my children’s Snapchat?

This is through downloading the Family Center app.

Snapchat owns the app and allows parents to monitor their child’s social media activities.

Is Snapchat appropriate for teenagers?

Snapchat is appropriate for teenagers over the age of 16. Parents must, however, monitor their children’s Snapchat activities if they are under the age of 16.
It is a necessary precaution because children may encounter harmful or inappropriate content.

Can You Block Snapchat Indefinitely?

Although reinstalling your account after it has been temporarily locked may be possible, uninstalling it first will eliminate any remaining temporarily locked items. Your account may be permanently locked if you continue to use third-party applications, send spam, or engage in other abusive behavior.

Limitations of iPhone App Blocking

The steps we discussed do not completely prevent you from accessing certain apps. For example, the App Limits feature restricts access to a specific app category.

This means you won’t be able to use any other apps that are part of it. It’s nearly impossible to block TikTok using this feature without also blocking Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Hopefully, our advice on how to block Snapchat on iPhone was useful. Nonetheless, you can use this detailed article to block other apps on your iPhone and iPad.

By setting an age limit in “Screen Time,” you can limit the amount of time a user is allowed to spend on Snapchat each day or completely prevent the user from installing social media apps. You can also do this by installing a third-party parental control app.