How rare is Rooted Dirt in Minecraft?

A photo showing a block of Rooted Dirt in Minecraft
A block of Rooted Dirt in Minecraft

In this article, we will explore how rare is Rooted Dirt in Minecraft.

Along with highlighting the scarcity of this resource, we will also delve into various other details about Rooted Dirt.

What is Rooted Dirt in Minecraft?

A Rooted Dirt Block is a unique block that can be found in the game, introduced in version 1.17.

Although Rooted Dirt behaves similarly to conventional dirt, it has a slightly darker appearance and is adorned with tiny visible roots on its surface.

However, locating Rooted Dirt can prove to be a challenge.

It’s not always readily available and may be difficult to find, particularly when playing in single-player mode or on a server that doesn’t organically generate the block.

But don’t worry, this article provides a comprehensive overview of Rooted Dirt in Minecraft, its properties, uses, and where to find it, making it a valuable resource for Minecraft enthusiasts.

What is Rooted Dirt in Minecraft used for?

This block can be used for a variety of purposes, including farming, tree growth, and construction, even underwater.

It has multiple applications, such as making walkways and farms more manageable, creating innovative building designs, and keeping mobs at bay.

Rooted Dirt can enhance the natural beauty of an area when combined with other blocks like grass or stone.

Rooted Dirt can also serve as a barrier for areas covered with Mycelium and Grass, which cannot spread onto it.

Additionally, it can be converted into other block types and used for various purposes.

By using a Shovel on Rooted Dirt, you can create paths that are easier to navigate.

If you require regular Dirt blocks, you can use a Hoe on Rooted Dirt, which will transform it into a regular Dirt block while also yielding Hanging Roots as items.

An image showing hanging roots growing out the bottom of a rooted dirt block
Hanging roots growing out the bottom of a rooted dirt block

Alternatively, if you require Mud blocks for construction, you can use water containers such as Water Bottles, Splash Water Bottles, or Lingering Water Bottles on Rooted Dirt blocks to convert them into Mud blocks.

This method can be a convenient way to obtain large quantities of Mud.

How rare is rooted dirt in Minecraft?

Rooted Dirt blocks are relatively rare in Minecraft, similar to Azalea Trees and Lush Cave biomes.

This is due to their limited spawning locations, which are restricted to beneath Azalea Trees and in the ceilings of Lush Caves.

However, despite their rarity, Rooted Dirt blocks do not possess significant value in the game.

How to get Rooted Dirt in Minecraft

It’s worth noting that Rooted Dirt can be found in several biomes in Minecraft, such as the plains, savannah, mesa, and taiga.

However, it’s less common in the roofed forest biome.

When searching for Rooted Dirt, players may need to dig through multiple layers of blocks before finding it.

Here are two methods to find Rooted Dirt in Minecraft:

Method 1: Azalea Tree

Rooted dirt below an Azalea tree
Rooted dirt below an Azalea tree
  • Look for an Azalea Tree in your Minecraft world. These trees can be found growing in forests or along riverbanks in various biomes.
  • Use a shovel to dig around the base of the tree until you reveal the root system. Remove any debris and clay from around the roots without damaging them.
  • Look for chunks of dark-coloured soil attached to the roots. This is Rooted Dirt, and it may contain valuable minerals such as Redstone ore, gold ore, coal, lapis lazuli ore, and emerald ore.
  • Use your shovel to break up the Rooted Dirt and collect it in a bucket or on an item frame. Don’t forget to check the area around the tree’s base for any other important minerals.
  • Replace the soil and clay around the roots of the Azalea Tree to protect and restore it. Repeat the process to gather more Rooted Dirt from other Azalea Trees in your Minecraft world.

Method 2: Digging

  • Use a shovel to dig into the ground. Rooted Dirt can be found in any biome and can be located several layers deep.
  • Look for bricks that are slightly darker than typical dirt. These are Rooted Dirt blocks.
  • Use a pickaxe or shovel to collect the Rooted Dirt and add it to your inventory.
  • Repeat steps 1-3 until you have gathered enough Rooted Dirt for your needs.

Tools Required to Find Rooted Dirt

A shovel and pickaxe are required to find rooted dirt in Minecraft.

You can dig through the layers of blocks with the shovel until you find the rooted dirt.

Once located, the pickaxe or axe is required for harvesting the rooted earth. You’ll be able to harvest all of the rooted dirt you need in no time with these tools!

How to craft Rooted Dirt on Minecraft

In Minecraft, creating Rooted Dirt can be a time and resource-efficient method.

To craft Rooted Dirt, you need to place four standard Dirt blocks in the center of the crafting grid.

Then, surround these blocks with two sticks and two vines.

If the blocks are positioned correctly, they will combine to form one Rooted Dirt block.

This block can be utilized in farming and other building projects.

Rooted Dirt is a versatile material that can add life to your Minecraft creations.

By using this block in your construction projects, you can enhance the natural aesthetic of your surroundings and improve the functionality of your builds.


Rooted dirt is a distinctive block in Minecraft that has multiple practical uses.

Despite being a precious resource for various farming and construction purposes, obtaining rooted dirt in Minecraft can be challenging.

Azalea trees and trading are the primary locations where you can acquire rooted dirt.

That concludes our guide on the rarity of rooted dirt in Minecraft.

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